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  • Some shady traders holding people hostage

    The High Court yesterday observed that the country’s people had no health security as dishonest businessmen mix harmful chemicals in fruits and vegetables.

  • Fruits for all seasons

    What if the fruit you love is available in the market not only for a few months, but throughout the whole year? And what if this very fruit does not need to be imported but is grown locally and sold at a street cart in your neighbourhood?

  • Tasty fruit, hefty profit

    Madhusudan Talukder started planting orange saplings on two acres of land in Rangamati's Naniarchar upazila in 2007. By 2014, half of his 700 trees yielded fruits ready for sale.

  • First national vegetables fair begins

    The day is not far when farmers would not need soil to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in Bangladesh.

  • Seasonal flu: expert advices and home remedies

    Have you ever wondered what measures can be adopted to prevent yourself from this flu? The Daily Star brings to you expert advice from medical practioners on ‘home remedies to prevent seasonal flu’

  • Beat the heat with summer fruits (Video)

    Summer is the first among the six seasons of Bangladesh. It brings down sweltering heat and many water-borne diseases on the people. But nature has its subtle ways of keeping things at the balance – it offers the juicy and nutritious fruits to beat the heat and diseases in summer.