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  • Early flash floods in the haor region:  A new normal?

    Heavy rains to cause flash floods again

    The country’s northern and northeastern regions may witness flash floods in the middle and at the end of this month due to heavy rainfall.

  • Rivers show signs of major flood

    Heavy rains and fresh onrush of water from upstream have raised the water levels of most of the rivers in the Meghna, Brahmaputra and Ganges basins, submerging most of the northern and northeastern parts of the country. Over the next few days, the water levels will keep rising as India's northeastern states will see “heavy to very heavy” rains, according to Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) of Bangladesh and Indian Met office.

  • Woes of two cities

    Heavy rains combined with traffic congestion brought the capital to a grinding halt on Wednesday as city dwellers went through untold sufferings to reach their destination wading through knee- to waist-deep water.


    City dwellers yesterday woke up to find that most of the capital has virtually turned into a swamp following rains.

  • Death toll rises to 24 as violent storm lashes US

    At least 24 people are now known to have died after nearly a week of tornadoes, heavy rains and flooding in several US south-central states.

  • An hour’s rain brings Dhaka to its knees (video)

    Just one hour of heavy rains leads to the collapse of the Dhaka's traffic system as most of the roads, lanes and bi-lanes were inundated with hundreds of vehicles stranded for hours, causing immense sufferings to tens of thousands of commuters.