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  • Human trafficking From Bangladesh

    ‘Human trafficker’ arrested in Cox’s Bazar

    Police arrest an accused in a human trafficking case from Pekua upazila of Cox’s Bazar.

  • Mediterranean sea

    What actions taken against traffickers, HC asks

    The High Court wants to know the actions taken against the travel agencies and human traffickers responsible for the death of 37 Bangladeshis in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • 62 Rohingyas rescued in Cox’s Bazar, 5 ‘traffickers’ held

    Law enforcers rescued 62 Rohingyas including women and children from Cox’s Bazar’s Pekua upazila and St Martin’s Island when they were being trafficked to Malaysia.

  • Trafficking to libya

    Illegal Voyage to Europe: They call it ‘game’

    Transnational human traffickers use several countries for transits, including India, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Turkey, to send Bangladeshi job seekers first to Libya, and then to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, Rab officials said.

  • 22 Rohingyas rescued from human traffickers

    Police rescue 22 Rohingyas from human traffickers in Teknaf and Maheshkhali of Cox’s Bazar.

  • Kamran Ahmed Maruf and Masum Ahmed

    ‘Bangladeshi survivor stayed afloat for 8hrs in Mediterranean’

    One of the Bangladeshi survivors of the tragic boat capsize in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia had managed to stay buoyant for eight hours before being rescued by a fishing boat while seeing his brother losing the battle, family said.

  • Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

    Illegal Migration: 495 foreigners in country’s jail

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan yesterday said 495 people have so far been arrested for illegal migration from neighbouring countries.

  • Malaysia begins inquiry into 2015 discovery of mass graves

    Malaysia begins a public inquiry into the discovery of mass graves and suspected human trafficking camps in the jungles near its border with Thailand, which prompted a regional crisis in 2015, and accusations over obstruction of justice.

  • Justice obstructed

    Law enforcers had been nonchalant for years when thousands of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis were facing heinous crimes, including murders and burial in mass graves, in the bordering hilly regions of Thailand and Malaysia.

  • Rape of Rohingya Women

    Human Trafficking: Rohingyas faced horrific crimes

    A transnational human-trafficking syndicate committed crimes against humanity in Malaysia and Thailand against the Rohingya from 2012 to 2015, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) and Fortify Rights, a nongovernment rights body, have found in a six-year investigation.

  • Human Trafficking Gang in Bangladesh

    Human trafficking: 4 displaced Myanmar women rescued in Dhaka, 2 held

    Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) claims to have rescued four displaced Myanmar nationals and detained two alleged members of a human trafficking gang in Dhaka.

  • Mominur Islam tortured in Libya

    Tortured in Libya

    Mominur Islam had paid Tk 3 lakh to some manpower brokers in Naogaon to go to Malaysia as a worker.

  • Bangladesh migrant workers

    Bangladesh sets sights on recruitment brokers to curb abuse, trafficking

    Bangladesh is planning to sideline unscrupulous recruitment brokers who dupe or exploit workers they send abroad by compiling a list of certified agents as record numbers of its citizens spend large sums of money to secure jobs overseas.

  • Rohingya Refugees

    Rab rescues 10 Rohingyas in Malaysia-bound boat

    The Rapid Action Battalion yesterday rescued 10 Rohingya refugees and detained an alleged human trafficker in a Malaysia-bound boat in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Travel agency

    Mobile court busts travel agency, jails 5

    A mobile court on Sunday sealed off a travel agency in the capital's Motijheel and sentenced its owner along with four of his employees

  • Human Trafficking in Bay of Bengal

    Malaysia-Bound Rohingyas: 33 rescued from trawler in Bay

    Bangladesh's coast guard rescued 33 Rohingya and detained six alleged human traffickers from a fishing trawler headed for Malaysia in the Bay of Bengal, an official said Wednesday.

  • Malaysia’s immigration police

    Human Trafficking: 65 Bangladeshi workers rescued in Malaysia

    Malaysian immigration police have rescued 65 Bangladeshi workers, believed to be victims of human trafficking, from the dormitory of a foreign worker recruitment company in Bandar Baru Nilai and arrested two Malaysians over the incident.

  • Mohammad Asem

    Human Trafficking to Malaysia: CID arrests 'kingpin'

    The CID on Sunday arrested the alleged godfather of a human trafficking ring that ran boats to carry people from Bangladesh to Malaysia.

  • Pathetically low conviction rate of traffickers

    We are quite dismayed to know that between February 2012 and June 2018, despite a recorded number of 4,152 cases of human trafficking, only 25 people have been convicted.

  • Ensuring labour rights can tackle human trafficking

    Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on counter trafficking efforts, mostly on investigation and criminal prosecution, raids to "rescue" irregular migrants and sex workers who are thought to be potential victims and trainings to raise awareness among those who might possibly experience or encounter human trafficking.

  • Recognise the extent and seriousness of human trafficking

    Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall victim to traffickers in their own countries and abroad. Despite seldom making the headlines, trafficking in persons also remains one of the biggest challenges for national security and law enforcement agencies throughout world—as the United Nations explained, “every country in the world is affected by human trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit, or destination for victims.”

  • Asia's trafficking survivors dial in for justice

    When Neha Maldar testifies against the traffickers who enslaved her as a sex worker in India, she spoke about the safety of her own country, Bangladesh, via video conferencing, a technology that could revolutionise the pursuit of justice in such cases.

  • Student/Trafficked Episode 3: The Long Road Home

    Investigation follows traffickers to Bangladesh

    In the middle of a bustling town in Bangladesh, two R.AGE undercover journalists hide in a van, listening in as one human trafficker after another sold their lies.

  • Malaysia plans special court on human trafficking as cases soar

    Malaysia is setting up a special court to tackle rising numbers of human trafficking cases, in a move welcomed by campaigners who says it would help deliver justice to victims.

  • Trafficking: 600 KL airport staff transferred

    Authorities transfer some 600 immigration staff out of the Kuala Lumpur Inter­national Airport (KLIA) station after some of them were suspected of being involved in the smuggling in of Bangladeshis.

  • Human trafficking bid foiled in Teknaf

    Bangladesh police arrested an alleged human trafficker and intercepted two Rohingya refugees preparing to board a boat for Malaysia, officials said yesterday.

  • student trafficked malaysia

    Bangladesh to Malaysia: A new way to student trafficking

    In this second part video of a documentary series, Malaysian journalists go undercover to experience the desperate living conditions of migrant workers mostly from Bangladesh in Malaysia. It shows how an international human trafficking ring uses private colleges in Malaysia to exploit young Bangladeshis.

  • Horrors of human trafficking

    The horrific exploitation of human beings by traffickers, as detailed in a report published by this newspaper yesterday, calls for increased vigilance against this menace.

  • Bangladesh to Malaysia: Inside student trafficking trade

    Thousands of young Bangladeshis are trafficked to Malaysia through obscure private colleges and their unscrupulous “agents”.

  • Human Trafficking Cases: Conviction rate keeps falling

    Prosecutions over human trafficking related cases in the country have been reducing each year and came down alarmingly last year mainly because of faulty case filings, inappropriate victim identification and lack of allegations raised by victims.