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  • How to eat right to prevent cancer

    One-third of all cancer deaths are preventable and can be attributed to lifestyle choices that we all make every day.

  • Sleeping

    Your daily life really can influence your dreams

    What our dreams might signify is often thought by many to be nonsense, however new UK research has found that feeling frustrated in daily life could in fact influence what type of dreams you have, and make recurrent nightmares more likely.

  • High energy fixes for Ramadan

    It is day two of Ramadan and the summer heat has already worn you out. But fear not, Lifestyle has the perfect high energy solution for you. Check out these easy-to-do recipes that will refresh you and leave you wanting for more!

  • [Watch] Eid trends of 2016

    Every Ramadan, with the publication of Star Eid Celebrations, we bring to you the yearly dose of a fashion extravaganza that showcases the newest trends. This season marks the addition of a new segment, Star Lifestyle Plus, dedicated to your exclusive Ramadan needs.

  • Changing our lifestyle

    Motivational interviewing (MI) is about focused conversations with a person, venturing to help her into making a lifestyle change. It is a tool of empowerment that helps a person through structured conversations, helping her to actively talk herself into making a change, rather than only reflect on it.

  • Healing dry skin around the eyes

    Dry skin around the eyes is a common phenomenon during winter. The skin ends up becoming flaky due to cold air but for those with a condition like eczema, the suffering is greater.

  • Dealing with dry facial skin

    The best way to tackle dry facial skin is to gently clean your face to remove dirt, excess oil, and then moisturising to help strengthen your skin. Here are some tips to guide you through this process.

  • Which petroleum jelly is good for healthy skin?

    A humid climate like Bangladesh’s can stress the skin and the scorching sunlight helps dry it out and damage it further. However, petroleum jelly can be useful in preventing this.

  • How to make your skin tender and healthier in winter

    Are you suffering from a dry skin in the harsh weather? Are you looking for methods that moisturise your skin, additionally making it tender and healthier from within? Then look no more because here are some great tips to help get you winter-ready and also help to nourish your skin further!

  • Dry skin remedies

    Here are some remedies that will help repair your skin if you are currently going through a dry skin phase. Falling into the habit of following them on a regular basis will prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

  • Away with the chapped lips

    In winter strong winds and cold, dry air make your lips dry out and tighten, which eventually leads to cracked and sore lips. To avoid this, there are a few simple steps that you can take.

  • What makes your skin dry?

    Dry skin is a distress for many of us. It causes itchiness, discomfort, flakiness and even redness at times. Learn the reasons behind dry skin and ways to prevent it to avoid such an experience.

  • How much running for good health? Not much (video)

    Researchers found out how many miles a week you need to run to improve your health — and it’s surprisingly low.

  • [WATCH NOW] Fun park in Uttara

    If you want to have fun with the kids but can’t make time to go to the big amusement parks because they are too far away from the city, here’s the news: they have opened a big park in Uttara with lots of exciting rides.

  • Plan your day trip adventure

    A routine day in the life of a Dhakaiite. As wonderful as this city of millions is, it can often become taxing to go on day upon day without any break. The tedium of the hectic city life can be relieved with a little time out from our busy metropolis. Coming weekend, instead of heading off for another expensive dinner to the multitude of restaurants sprouting around Dhaka, why not drive away for a short trip out of the city?

  • Virtual reality ‘predicts Alzheimer’s’

    Alzheimer's disease can be detected decades before onset, using a virtual reality test, a study suggests.

  • Sparring with Taekwando: Children earn their belts and confidence

    A mother always enjoys spending time with her children. But learning something together is double the fun, especially if it is something interactive and hands-on like the martial arts Taekwando, the art of Korean self-defence.

  • Style Check: Get your trend on!

    Eastern fashion is this season’s most trending dresses for women. Different types of palazzo, straight pants, long kameez and maxi style kurtas are all the rage this time around and rightfully so. They are the hottest picks in any wardrobe and their inimitable style ensures that anyone can become a trendsetter by picking a pair.

  • Diabetes in toddler raises concern

    The case of a three-year-old girl in the US who developed type 2 diabetes has driven doctors to raise fresh concerns about diet in childhood.

  • 5 minute beauty hacks for working women

    A busy schedule can be a dampener for your beauty regime. But who says you can't do make-up in just five minutes?

  • Catman-West Bengal

    Catman of West Bengal (video)

    Inspired by the show on Discovery channel ‘Man vs Wild’, Rajkumar Biswas of West Bengal changes his eating habits to things that are raw and bizarre.

  • Fake notes at ATM booths: What to do

    What to do if by any chance ATM booths give out fake money

  • What to do, and not to do during Ramadan

    Follow these guidelines and don’t let Ramadan lead to compromises with your health and fitness.

  • Star Eid fashion (video)

    Explore the trendiest look and latest designs from all over the market with your copy of the Star Eid Celebrations 2015 this Ramadan and make your Eid most fabulous.

  • Where have all the desi chickens gone? (video)

    Be it the broiler or the sonali, no other chicken comes near them – and you will taste the difference when the roast chicken in a wedding feast is not desi.

  • Healthy Weekend Getaway

    The weekend is finally here and you are all pumped to enjoy it with friends. You think of heading to the most happening restaurant in town, eat till you are full, come home, watch your favourite TV show, and before you know it, your weekend is over.

  • Ana Beatriz Barros

    Cannes 2015: slit skirts, capes and crop tops among the red carpet trends

    Movies may take center stage at the Cannes Film Festival, but the event is also a celebration of glamorous fashion. Once again this year, the celebrities on the Croisette offered up a showcase of the season's haute couture styles

  • Keep wrinkles at bay

    The appearance of wrinkles is one of the main reasons for premature ageing. While your genes do play an important roles, a few simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in keeping wrinkles away.

  • Sunglasses: retro chic and futuristic looks

    Certain trends last and for good reason -- retro being the perfect example since, once again this year, there are plenty of vintage-style models to choose from.

  • Spring-Summer 2015 trends: flowers, denim and military style

    Last September's runway shows revealed the trends of Spring-Summer 2015, including denim; military-inspired prints, colors and tailoring; and flowers galore in embroidery, prints and 3D details.