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  • Basketball body lifts 'hijab ban' during games

    Basketball chiefs reversed a controversial ban on professional players wearing headgear Thursday after fierce criticism that the rule undermined diversity by disallowing religious coverings like the Muslim hijab.

  • 1 killed in Gujarat Hindu-Muslim strife

    One person is killed and about 14 injured when violence erupts following a scuffle between Muslim and Hindu school students in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat.

  • Rohingya,refugee crisis,influx in BD,Bangladesh-Myanmar border,Naaf river,Rohingya minority,persecution

    Malaysia will not abandon tournament over Myanmar Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia decided on Friday to carry on with a regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar, days after a Malaysian minister said it was considering pulling out in protest against Myanmar's bloody crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims.

  • Malaysia debates pulling out of ASEAN cup over Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia is considering pulling its side out of a major regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar in protest over Myanmar's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, a senior Malaysian official said on Wednesday.

  • Sting reopens Paris' Bataclan hall on anniversary of militant attack

    Rock star Sting headlined a concert in Paris' Bataclan music hall on Saturday to mark the venue's reopening a year after three Islamist militants gunned down 90 revellers in France's bloodiest terror attack.

  • Malaysia frees Australia's 'Budgie Nine' after F1 stunt

    Nine Australian men who provoked anger in Malaysia by donning skimpy swimwear bearing the Muslim country's national flag at a Formula 1 race are released without charge.

  • Zakir Naik, AFP, Islamic preacher

    Mumbai cops begin probe against Zakir Naik

    Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis directs the Mumbai Police officials to open an inquiry against Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, according to Zee News.

  • The bombing in Karrada, Baghdad, on Sunday was one of the deadliest attacks by IS.

    OPINION: Why IS chooses to bomb during Ramadan

    To the radical mind, if additional prayer and alms giving is encouraged in Ramadan - then why not more bloodshed too? View it that way and you understand precisely the line of reasoning that has given rise to such a grisly and gruesome death toll this year.

  • A minibus part of a Japanese convoy, as relatives of victims of an attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery and the O'Kitchen Restaurant, visited the site, in Dhaka.

    Bodies of 7 Japanese victims reach Tokyo

    Bodies of the seven Japanese nationals who were killed in a militant attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh capital Dhaka return to home soil Tuesday morning.

  • Ali's funeral open to all

    The world is invited to the funeral of Muhammad Ali in his hometown on Friday where the boxing legend's life will be celebrated with a public funeral procession and memorial service.

  • Tahir says Ramadan won't put him in a spin

    When Ramadan starts, Imran Tahir will begin juggling the demands of observing his Muslim faith and playing a full day of international cricket for a team sponsored by a beer company.

  • Shab-e-Barat observed

    The holy Shab-e-Barat, the night of fortune, has been observed across the country with due religious fervor and solemnity.

  • No fireworks on Shab-e-Barat: DMP

    DMP imposes restriction on carrying of all types of explosives, crackers as well as explosion of firecrackers in the capital on the occasion of holy Shab-e-Barat to be observed on tonight.

  • Are martial arts clubs adding punch to the jihadist cause?

    Combat sports are booming around the world but in France increasingly draw the attention of intelligence services hunting potential jihadists.

  • Opinion: Why Sadiq Khan's victory matters

    Sadiq Khan made British political history Friday, becoming the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London. But while his achievement is uplifting, the campaign by his opponents was a dispiriting, sometimes ugly affair.

  • Govt moves to form media monitoring centre

    The government has taken initiative to form a “media monitoring centre” to monitor news items published in different media, the information minister tells the parliament.

  • Opinion: Pahela Baishakh and Olama League’s Haram ‘fatwa’

    Bangladesh Awami Olama League claims Pahela Baishakh celebration is ‘Haram’. So then, is our government upholding a ‘Haram’ culture as it is a public holiday? Are the 160 million Bangalis observing a Haram festival? How could one organisation openly declare this and walk away without any protest from any quarters or action from the government?

  • Muezzin killed inside Old Dhaka mosque

    Unknown assailants have stabbed dead a muezzin inside a mosque in Old Dhaka’s Islampur area. Police recovered the body from the stairs of the mosque. However, any motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained.

  • Jamaat ready to take new name

    The Jamaat-e-Islami has almost finalised its move to reappear under a new name without words like “Islam or Muslim” if the party is banned for 1971 war crimes.

  • ‘Time bombs’are fake

    Experts confirm that the time bomb-like devices recovered in Gazipur do not contain any explosive elements.

  • Biswa Ijtema: 2nd phase begins

    This year for the first time the Biswa Ijtema is being held in four phases to deal with the huge crowd and lack of accommodation for the devotees.

  • Group seeks Trump apology after Muslim woman ejected from rally

    A Muslim advocacy group on Saturday has called on Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump to apologize.

  • Florida man jailed over desecrating mosque with bacon

    Florida man is being held on Tuesday after being accused of vandalising a mosque and desecrating it with bacon, whose consumption is forbidden by the Muslim religion, police said.


    According to a poll, 76 percent of Republicans, and 42 percent of Democrats believe that American and Islamic values are at odds. Former Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Ted Cruz want to allow Christian, and bar Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the US.

  • Banishing Terrorism from Bangladesh Now and Forever

    In a Muslim majority country such as Bangladesh, terrorism can only flourish when sincere Muslims fail to take Islam's message of peace and tolerance to their wider communities.

  • Young Muslim’s defiant letter toTrump goes viral

    After GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump proposed a plan that would require Muslims to wear ID badges in the US, one young Muslim girl came up with a great response.

  • Selective memory dictates

    Would the news stories be the same if the apparatus were based in Muslim countries and owned by Muslims? Would we not hear more of the ravages perpetrated by western colonialism and invasions? Would Facebook profile picture campaigns then be about Paris or Beirut?

  • Australia's first Muslim Party aims for senate seats

    Australia's first party representing Muslims intends to contest senate seats at the next federal election.

  • UK Muslims seek own path in countering jihadism

    Feeling unfairly targeted by the government's anti-radicalisation drive, Britain's Muslim community is rallying to find its own response to extremism and take a greater role in the fight against terrorism.

  • Gujarat court alleges misinterpretation of polygamy in Quran

    In a sharp remark on the Muslim Personal Law, the Gujarat High Court observes that Muslim men are misinterpreting Quran’s provision of polygamy for ‘selfish reasons’ to have more than one wife.