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    The ultra poor generally do not own land and are caught in the low-wage activities of day labourers. They are on the brink of subsistence. And when you are struggling just to maintain your level of subsistence today, you do not have the luxury of worrying too much about—or saving for—tomorrow.

  • Poverty down to 24.8% from 70%: Muhith

    Bangladesh records an overwhelming improvement in poverty alleviation down to 24.8 percent now with a pro-people government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accelerating all efforts to secure a dignified place as a middle-income country very soon.

  • Dr Mahabub Hossain

    Economist with a passion for the poor

    Dr Mahabub Hossain dedicated his life to understand and explain the dynamics of the agricultural economy of Bangladesh.

  • Govt to highlight PM's 8 innovative initiatives

    The information ministry urges the state-run media outlets to highlight Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's "eight innovative initiatives" mainly aimed to fight poverty and ensure a better life for under privileged people.

  • Sir Fazle Hasan Abed receives World Food Prize

    Brac Founder and Chairperson Sir Fazle Hasan Abed receives the 2015 World Food Prize for his outstanding contribution to enhance the world's production and distribution of food to those most in need.

  • Is six percent growth a trap for Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh's recent stable growth should not be branded as a low middle-income growth trap. Since independence, Bangladesh has consistently increased its average growth rate over every decade with a corresponding decrease in growth volatility.

  • Robert D. Watkins

    We hope that we will be able to help Bangladesh realise its full potential: Robert D. Watkins

    In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star, Robert D. Watkins, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Bangladesh talks to Amitava Kar about some development ideas for Bangladesh.

  • Short-changing the poor

    A former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank, at a recent press conference, revealed some disturbing facts about poor management of poverty alleviation programmes financed by the government.