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  • Private universities can hold online tests in line with UGC conditions

    Private universities that have completed 70 percent of academic activities for outgoing semester and have been conducting online classes successfully for theoretical courses will be able to evaluate their students through online viva exams, keeping the video open and through virtual presentations.

  • Bangladesh university regulations

    ‘Free universities from govt intervention’

    The government must adopt liberal policies and let the universities function independently, a new association of teachers demands.

  • University Grants Commission

    Recruitment, Promotion at Univs: Irregularities for lack of uniform guidelines: VCs

    Vice-chancellors of the country's public universities yesterday painted a grim picture of their teachers' recruitment and promotion process, saying different irregularities take place during the procedures as there is no uniform set of guidelines.

  • Financing tertiary education

    Every year, after the university admission tests, we find students who score well, but cannot afford their educational expenses, and eventually drop out. Private banks, on the other hand, offer many lucrative loan products for their customers, including education loans.

  • University Grant Comission

    No VCs in 37 private universities!

    If it hadn't been for a news report it would have been hard to believe that almost half of all private universities do not have any VC and are being run with mostly acting VCs.

  • University without a campus

    University without a campus

    Since July 1, private universities of the country have been in the spotlight and mostly for wrong reasons. In the cacophony of arguments for and against them, an important fact seems to have been lost. A lot of them do not have a campus.

  • Role of private universities

    The private universities have made significant contributions to higher education in Bangladesh. Regrettably, there exists lot of misconception about these.

  • Govt orders shutting pvt university branches

    Bangladesh government orders closure of Darul Ihsan University and all illegal branch campuses of privately-run universities.

  • ‘Govt calls for meeting with pvt universities’

    Bangladesh government calls for a meeting with private universities in the backdrop of finding involvement of private university students with terrorism.

  • Is legal education in private universities truly substandard?

    A broad-brush branding of the quality of legal education in private universities may please many and may perpetuate some myths, but probably would make little contribution to the improvement of the real quality of education. It would also fail to respond to the irregularities or lackings. Rather, any perception-based, dismissive attitude would accentuate a futile categorisation which would not be conducive for any meaningful, rigorous assessment.

  • Govt okays 6 more private universities

    Despite allegations of numerous irregularities against most of the private universities, the government gives approval to six new universities in the private sector.

  • VAT on pvt universities withdrawn after mass protests (video)

    Government scraps 7.5 percent VAT on private universities and medical colleges’ tuition fees in face of mass student protests. The decision has been announced in a notice issued from the finance ministry.

  • VAT protest on, key Dhaka roads blocked again

    Students continue their protest against 7.5 percent VAT on private universities’ tuition fees and blocked some key roads in Dhaka again.

  • Private universities call for reviewing VAT

    Association of Private Universities of Bangladesh (APUB) calls upon the government to reconsider its decision to impose VAT on the universities.

  • VAT on tuition fees: Students to continue demo

    Rejecting the government’s clarification over the 7.5 percent VAT on tuition fees, students from several private universities today warned that they would go for a tougher movement until the imposed VAT is withdrawn.

  • University students cripple Dhaka with anti-VAT demo

    Private university students hit the streets across Dhaka demanding withdrawal of the 7.5 percent VAT imposed on tuition fees - a day after police opened fire on East West University students demonstrating on the same demand.

  • VAT on private universities won’t be reduced: Muhith

    The value added tax imposed on the tuition fees of the country’s private universities will not be reduced, Finance Minister AMA Muhith says.

  • Own campus: Pvt universities to report by Sep 30

    Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid asks defaulter private universities to report by September 30 on progress regarding relocation to own campus premises.

  • vat on private universities

    Why it Hurts

    The 7.5 percent VAT on the tuition fees of private universities was based on the hypothesis that rich and well-off parents send their wards to private universities.

  • VAT on private universities

    Finance minister's proposed 10 percent value added tax (VAT) on around 160 private sector universities including medical and engineering colleges has not found favour with those who have been targeted.