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  • Fire at Rohingya camp

    At least 22 makeshift houses and a mosque were gutted in a fire at Balukhai Rohingya camp in Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar yesterday.

  • Tree felling falls

    Exhausted Rohingyas walking with loads of firewood on their heads used to be a common sight around the refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, raising concerns about the long-term impact on the forest.

  • Danger looms in Rohingya camps

    Danger looms in Rohingya camps

    Spokesperson of UNHCR Caroline Gluck said heavy and continuous shower in the Rohingya settlements puts hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas at a major risk.

  • Keep pressure on Myanmar to expedite repatriation

    Bangladesh government has urged the visiting UN Security Council delegation to keep pressure on the Myanmar government to speed up the repatriation process and to recognise the Rohingya situation as a crisis.


    It was around eleven in the morning.

  • Rohingya refugee children

    40,000 'orphans'

    Thousands of children saw horror unfolding in their homes in Myanmar and they fled to safety in Bangladesh after walking through jungles and hills for days.

  • Khaleda Zia visits Rohingya

    Condemnation not enough

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has called upon international organisations and communities as well as the Bangladesh government to step up efforts to ensure Rohingyas' safe return to Myanmar.

  • Dhaka pushing for special UN session

    Dhaka has intensified diplomatic efforts for the UN Human Rights Council to hold a special session and adopt a

  • Rhoingya Crisis

    Tall task in hand

    The threat of infectious diseases looms large in Cox's Bazar Rohingya refugee camps as well as the local communities and beyond with hardly any sign of the Myanmar nationals going back anytime soon. Experts fear that the bordering district, where more than six lakh refugees are sheltered in overcrowded camps lacking pure water and sanitation facilities, is faced with a long-term public health challenge.

  • Rohingya Child

    No real progress yet

    Rohingyas have been telling the world numerous stories of horror, loss, murder, rape and villages burned to the ground over the last two months. The world's media have been flooded with their harrowing tales.

  • A baby born into chaos

    Mohammed Jubayed came into the world shortly after midday in a baking hot military tent in the chaos of a vast refugee camp in Bangladesh, now home to nearly a million Rohingya.

  • Fear of HIV spread grows

    Health officials in Cox's Bazar fear spread of HIV/AIDS in the refugee camps as a rising number of Rohingyas have been diagnosed with the disease.

  • Weighed down by age, anguish

    As the sun's first light fell across the hills of Balukhali in Ukhia, a frailly built Mohammad Syed could be seen trying his best to walk quicker with the help of a wooden stick.

  • Heat, unsafe water take toll on kids

    Wrapping his two-year-old daughter in a towel, Jiraman Ali was walking fast towards a medial camp near their temporary shelter at Balukhali in Ukhia.

  • animal movement in Cox’s Bazar

    Passage for elephants blocked

    The natural corridors for around 50 wild elephants in Ukhia's reserve forest area have been blocked by temporary camps set up for the helpless Rohingya refugees.