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  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at an interactive dialogue

    Force Myanmar to take back Rohingyas: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says the world must take all measures to compel Myanmar to create conditions enabling the Rohingyas’ safe, dignified and voluntary repatriation to their ancestral homes.

  • Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar

    Rohingya Return: UNHCR, UNDP extend deal with Myanmar

    The UN Refugee Agency and the UNDP yesterday signed an extension of an MoU with Myanmar for one year. The deal is aimed at creating conducive conditions for voluntary and sustainable repatriation of the Rohingyas from Bangladesh.

  • Play your role

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged the United Nations to play a role in sending back over one million Rohingyas from Bangladesh to their homeland Myanmar.

  • Human rights violations in Myanmar's Rakhine State

    Step up efforts for Rohingya return

    The UN Security Council yesterday urged the Government of Myanmar to step up its efforts to create conditions conducive to safe, voluntary and dignified return of the Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh.

  • Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali

    Rohingya Return: Bangladesh FM to visit Rakhine to see progress

    Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali would visit Myanmar soon to see the situation in Rakhine before the start of repatriation of hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals from Bangladesh.

  • Put more pressure on Myanmar

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged India to put more pressure on Myanmar to take back over one million Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh.

  • Rohingya Return: PM calls for keeping up pressure on Myanmar

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday reiterated her call to the international community to continue pressurising the Myanmar

  • Rohingya Return: It has to be 'safe, dignified'

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has demanded a “safe, dignified return” for Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh, ahead of

  • Rohingya

    Deal on Rohingya return likely today

    Although some contentious issues remain unresolved, Bangladesh and Myanmar are likely to sign an agreement today on the return of Rohingyas to Rakhine.