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  • Live: Rabindra Sangeet singer Sahana Bajpaie

    Rabindra Sangeet singer extraordinaire Sahana Bajpaie is LIVE right now at The Daily Star’s monthly Facebook Live session ASK ME ANYTHING. Comment here to talk to the artiste and ask your questions, and share the video to let your friends watch it.

  • Bus Menace: Chaos on road as bus stops everywhere

    Despite having specific bus-stops, the drivers of city buses seldom use the designated places.

  • Discover Bangladesh: Monpura, The Island of Tranquility

    In this new episode of Discover Bangladesh, Star Live takes you to Monpura, the island of tranquility in the southern part of Bangladesh. Watch the video to know more.

  • Top Star Live videos of 2017

    The video section of The Daily Star-- Star Live -- has been trying to redefine traditional news features in video format throughout 2017.

  • Exclusive: Tete-e-tete with Nusraat Faria

    An actress who shot to fame after she was called up in West Bengal from Bangladesh, Nusrat Faria is a name that is all over the entertainment industry today.

  • Uncensored with Rafi Hossain : Is Apu’s marriage to Shakib working?

    Editor of Star Showbiz Rafi Hossain discusses with Apu how her affair with Shakib began, their marriage, why she suddenly appeared on TV along with their child and then how they are faring as a married couple

  • Making the ‘shitol pati’ of Pirojpur

    Locally known as “shitol pati”, the intricately woven mats are cool to the touch even during the scorching summer heat.

  • Star Live Cricket Talk: Bashar on BANvsIND Semis

    Former Bangladesh captain and current BCB selector Habibul Bashar talks about the India-Bangladesh rivalry and the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy semifinal between the two teams.

  • Star Lifestyle Eid-2017

    For over a decade, Eid has been an opportunity for Star Lifestyle to showcase some of the most happening aspects of Ramadan and the Eid festivity that follows.

  • Dhaka’s stunt bikers on one wheel

    If you have seen the Marvel film Ghost Rider, you have seen Hollywood stuntmen performing all kinds of motorcycle stunts. But have you seen anyone in Dhaka trying to play Ghost Rider?

  • Mysterious giants hidden in Copenhagen woods

    Meet 'Thomas On The Mountain,' a lazy wooden giant happily reclining near the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund.

  • Yoga helps victims of genocide and sexual violence

    A long line of women chatter excitedly as they rush into their yoga class in Kigali, Rwanda. The classes are popular amongst the community of women, many of whom are affected by a history of genocide, sexual violence and infection of HIV or AIDS.

  • A day in life of a minimum wage earner in Bangladesh

    Shoma Begum is a garments factory worker who earns slightly more than the minimum wage earner in the country.

  • Bikers rule footpaths, pedestrians roads (video)

    If you are told: Name a city where you can drive or walk as you like, the first answer would be Dhaka! Because people find their own ways to go around the city. Traffic signals change colors—from green to red to green again--but the drivers need not pay any attention to them. But even worst menaces are motorcycles zooming by on the footpaths or people darting through the speeding cars to cross the roads among the already chaotic traffic.

  • Moghbazar flyover ordeal won’t end soon (video)

    What began as the construction of a one-of-a-kind elevated expressway in Dhaka two years ago, the Moghbazar flyover has suffered periods of lags in the making. The traffic situation along the construction site that has turned worse is unlikely to get better until the completion of the structure – not before 2017.

  • Man behind the misery of 52 families (video)

    A resident of Charfashion's Uttar Mangal village in Bhola district, Broker Faruque Hossain confesses about his human trafficking crimes to the law enforcers in front of The Daily Star.