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  • Water flows of Teesta River

    Water flows in Teesta above danger level

    Water flows of Teesta River alarmingly cross the danger level at Dalia point of Nilphamari district this morning near Teesta barrage inundating vast crops fields and homesteads in the low-lying areas and 15 shoals of Dimla and Jaldhaka upazila.

  • Landless Lokman Ali

    Lokman Ali brings hope for underprivileged children of Teesta bank

    This is a story of a landless 63-years-old teacher Lokman Ali. In a remote corner of the country, on the bank of Teesta, he is spreading the light of education among children.

  • Feni water given; wait on for Teesta

    With Dhaka eagerly waiting for the signing of the Teesta water-sharing deal, Bangladesh and India yesterday signed an MoU allowing India to take 1.82 cusec water from the Feni river.

  • The Story of Teesta

    The Teesta River, originating in the Himalayas, travels a long way through the mountains and plain land before reaching Bangladesh.

  • Arid and barren

    If it were before 1983, people would be seen fishing at the exact same spot where children now play football, on Teesta’s sandy floor lying arid and barren. The river is no longer blessed with water, except for a few months of the year.

  • Tyre game on the bank of Teesta River

    Still they play tyre game

    The 'tyre game' is still very popular among the children in the Teesta river char (landmass emerging from riverbed) areas of the district

  • One lakh people under flood threat

    About one lakh people are under threat of floods on the shoals and chars of the Teesta river in five upazilas in Lalmonirhat as the river is about to cross the danger level due to heavy downpour upstream across the border.

  • Teesta deal finalised

    The Teesta water-sharing treaty between Bangladesh and India is going to be signed soon as the agreement has been finalised, according to a government adviser.

  • Teesta, security on agenda

    The much-delayed Teesta river water-sharing deal, security, transit and killing of Bangladeshis on the border are expected to be high on the agenda as the foreign secretaries of Bangladesh and India meet in New Delhi today.

  • The piece of land which was once a raging river Teesta

    Man-made intervention in the upstream turns Teesta a wild river in monsoon and a desert in winter.

  • Dried up Teesta hits livelihood

    “We used to have bumper crops here,” says farmer Mahir Uddin of Char Kalmati village in Lalmonirhat. “The Teesta River used to flow year-round but nowadays there's not enough water in winter for optimal agriculture.”

  • India has achieved its strategic aim – have we?

    A very wise man had said, “To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.”

  • Optimising water transit

    It is important to recognise that allowing 'coastal shipping' up to Ashuganj or even up to Pangaon, essentially seeking engagement in transit peration, would violate the existing protocol, approved by Bangabandhu, unless those vessels are owned by Bangladeshis.

  • Has Mamata lived up to our expectations?

    By all indications from Delhi and Kolkata, it is now clear that there will be no deal on Teesta during Prime Minister Modi's visit to Dhaka.

  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed

    “There is still hope for a Teesta deal during this visit"

    Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Professor of International Relations at Dhaka University, talks to Nahela Nowshin of The Daily Star about contending issues between Bangladesh and India on the occasion of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Bangladesh.

  • Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali briefing

    Foreign minister urges patience on Teesta

    Discussions between Bangladesh and India relating to sharing of Teesta waters is being discussed behind the scene, Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali says.

  • Teesta: Sand in winter, flood in monsoon (video)

    Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bangladesh visit, people living by the Teesta River are hopeful that the Teesta water sharing agreement will be signed during his visit.

  • Teesta water sharing: Experts for UN intervention

    Bangladesh government should appeal to UN to solve Teesta river water sharing issue since there has been no progress in signing the deal bilaterally, water and environmental experts say.