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  • 46,664 pilgrims yet to travel to Saudi: Biman

    Some 46,664 Bangladeshi pilgrims are yet to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform this year's hajj, according to Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd.

  • ‘Euro 2016 in France could be terror target’

    The US has warned that the Euro 2016 football championship being held in France next month could be a target of militant attacks.

  • FEATURE: Beijing glass sightseeing platform is out of this world

    This is what it's like aboard Beijing's "UFO", the world's largest glass sightseeing platform that opened in the capital's suburban Shilinxia scenic spot on April 30.

  • Man on a mission to crack MH370 case

    Blaine Gibson, 58, has spent most of the past year searching for clues to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

  • Radiant Rangoon

    The curious appeal of Rangoon, as late, is its stark contradictions. They are manifested almost in everywhere. The winds of change by opening up to the world has resulted in import of newest model Japanese cars , growing number of swanky hotels, Latin and European football mania , fast-food joints to almost anything trendy across the globe.

  • Mawlamyine’s “damaged eye”-4

    The Soe Brothers Guesthouse jointly organises a roundtrip with the Breeze guesthouse in Mawlamyine.

  • Plan your day trip adventure

    A routine day in the life of a Dhakaiite. As wonderful as this city of millions is, it can often become taxing to go on day upon day without any break. The tedium of the hectic city life can be relieved with a little time out from our busy metropolis. Coming weekend, instead of heading off for another expensive dinner to the multitude of restaurants sprouting around Dhaka, why not drive away for a short trip out of the city?

  • 4 places you can go for a stroll in Dhaka

    When was the last time you stopped and took a deep long breath to smell the fresh air? Life in the metropolis can sometimes be claustrophobic. With the hectic work schedule, blazing horns and blinding lights it is very easy to get lost in the commotion that is Dhaka city. So where do you go in this concrete jungle to sit, think and contemplate your day away? Here are a few places in the city where you can relax and take a breath.

  • Slain Japanese man buried at Rangpur graveyard

    Japanese citizen Kunio Hoshi, who was shot dead in Rangpur on October 3, is buried at Munsipara graveyard.

  • Exploring the beauty of North Bengal

    Parbatipur Station, awash in the monsoon rain, welcomes us with a bustle and hurry of people as our train comes to a halt there in the late evening.

  • Downtown Karachi: A street called love

    Marred by years of political and sectarian violence, Karachi does not have the best reputation; judging by news headlines over the past few years, many would think of it as being a highly intolerant urban centre.

  • War memories and the beautiful town of Kalam

    A true gem of nature, words cannot truly describe the breathtaking beauty of this area, its gushing streams and splendid mountains. With the Taliban now long gone, Kalam is now resurging as another one of Pakistan's tourist spots.

  • Top 5 Eid holiday spots!

    It is high time to go beyond the textbooks and throw off the bowlines to make the Eid holidays more exciting and memorable. So step out in the open, follow the sun to the greens and silver sand beaches, and catch the winds in the sails to explore, dream and discover. Bangladesh is blessed with many wonderful places attracting people to see its beauty. Here are the five most magnificent natural and archaeological beauties to visit:

  • Bucolic and death-defying cycling destinations around the world

    With the Tour de France in full swing, here’s a selection of other epic bike routes around the world that include trails for everything from the novice, recreational cyclist to the daredevil who makes sport of flirting with death.

  • 10 reasons to visit Dhaka - the least liveable city

    One can list down a multitude of reasons to not visit Bangladesh, the never ending traffic jams, incessant power cuts, the air heavy with dust and pollution and thousands upon thousands of people thronging the streets every single day! But find the 10 reasons to visit this chaotic city: Dhaka.

  • Pinball paradise lives on in Budapest basement

    In the basement of a nondescript apartment house, Balazs Palfi displays a unique collection of over 140 working machines that has turned into pilgrimage site for pinball enthusiasts.

  • Marrakech

    Marrakech named world's top destination 2015 by TripAdvisor users

    Known as the “Jewel of the Desert,” the bustling city climbed five places to claim bragging rights to the top spot.

  • City breaks: 5 European destinations trending in 2015

    Here are five European city break destinations that are gaining favor with tourists in 2015.