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  • US President Donald Trump

    World avoided nuclear catastrophe: Trump

    Donald Trump accepted an invitation from Kim Jong Un to visit North Korea during their historic summit, Pyongyang state media reports, as the US president says the world had jumped back from the brink of "nuclear catastrophe".

  • Trump, Kim agree on denuclearisation

    US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledge to work toward complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula while Washington committed to provide security guarantees for its old enemy.

  • Prawns and Haagen-Dazs on menu as Trump-Kim meet

    The main course may be hard-to-swallow denuclearisation, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un also had a heady mix of Yangzhou fried rice and a dark chocolate tartlet ganache on their plates during their historic summit.

  • Trump-Kim summit to be held at Sentosa hotel

    The Capella Hotel on Sentosa will host next Tuesday's summit between United States President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  • Kelly Sadler: Aide who mocked McCain exits White House

    Donald Trump sacks an aide who said cancer-stricken Senator John McCain's opposition to a presidential nominee did not matter because "he's dying anyway," the White House announces.

  • US President Donald Trump

    NKorea frees three Americans: Trump

    US President Donald Trump says that three Americans detained by North Korea have been released and are on their way home with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech

    US President Donald Trump sparks anger in France and Britain by suggesting looser gun laws could have helped prevent deadly attacks in Paris in 2015, and linking a wave of knife crime in London to a handgun ban.

  • No campaign cash paid to adult-film actress: Trump

    US President Donald Trump confirms a "reimbursement" as part of a hush agreement with adult-film actress Stormy Daniels over allegations of a decade-old affair, but he says campaign money wasn't involved.

  • Trump 'dictated' his own glowing health report

    As a presidential candidate Donald Trump quotes a letter from his former personal doctor gushing about his apparently excellent health -- a note the physician now says the president "dictated" himself.

  • US hopes Korean summit will lead to 'future of peace'

    Donald Trump's White House voice hope that a Korean summit would "achieve progress toward a future of peace," as the leaders of the two countries sat down to talk.

  • France's Macron urges US to reject nationalism

    French President Emmanuel Macron urges the United States to reject nationalism and stay true to global ideals of cooperation in the face of terrorism and other challenges, saying countries can still retain their own identities.

  • SKorea turns off loudspeaker broadcasts into North

    South Korea halts the propaganda broadcasts it blares across the border at North Korea ahead of their first summit in a decade, as US President Donald Trump cautioned the nuclear crisis on the peninsula was a long way from being resolved.

  • As US, North Korea plan to meet, Iran warns against Trump deals

    A US push to change the Iran nuclear deal was sending a “very dangerous message” that countries should never negotiate with Washington, Iran’s foreign minister warns as US and North Korean leaders prepare to meet for denuclearization talks.

  • Trump on Syria attack: ‘Very soon or not so soon at all!’

    President Donald Trump says today that an attack on Syria could take place “very soon or not so soon at all,” arguing he had never signaled the timing of retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack that he had suggested was imminent a day earlier.