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  • Trump pushes Supreme Court pick's sex accuser to testify

    President Donald Trump piles pressure on the woman accusing his Supreme Court pick of sexual assault by insisting that she testify next week if she wants to be heard.

  • Trump cuts $25m in aid for Palestinian hospitals

    US President Donald Trump has ordered that $25 million earmarked for the care of Palestinians in East Jerusalem hospitals be directed elsewhere as part of a review of aid, a State Department official says.

  • Bob Woodward: Trump's aides stole his papers 'to protect the country'

    An incendiary tell-all book by a reporter who helped bring down President Richard Nixon set off a firestorm in the White House, with its descriptions of current and former aides calling President Donald Trump an “idiot” and a “liar,” disparaging his judgment and claiming they plucked papers off his desk to prevent him from withdrawing from a pair of trade agreements.

  • Trump threatens to withdraw US from WTO

    US President Donald Trump threatened in an interview with Bloomberg News to withdraw from the World Trade Organization if "they don't shape up," in his latest criticism of the institution.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump's awkward phone call with Mexico president

    US President Donald Trump awkwardly waits over phone trying to connect with his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto, reports CNBC.

  • Trump: social media 'silencing millions'

    US President Donald Trump criticised social media companies yesterday, saying without evidence that they have silenced "millions of people" in an act of censorship.

  • Trump says 'I will stay uninvolved' after slamming Sessions, Justice Dept

    US President Donald Trump expresses sympathy for his former campaign manager Paul Manafort and says he will remain "uninvolved" after he attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the US Justice Department in an interview broadcast.

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    Trump says it is 'dangerous' for Twitter, Facebook to ban accounts

    US President Donald Trump says that it is "very dangerous" for social media companies like Twitter Inc and Facebook Inc to silence voices on their services.

  • Trump plan rolls back Obama’s coal emissions standards

    The Trump administration is set to roll back the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s efforts to slow global warming, the Clean Power Plan that restricts greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants.

  • US newspapers rebuke Trump

    Hundreds of US newspapers yesterday launched a coordinated defense of press freedom and a rebuke of President Donald Trump for denouncing some media organisations as enemies of the American people.

  • Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance, slamming critic

    US President Donald Trump moves to penalise a sharp critic, revoking the security clearance of Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan for making what he called "a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations" about his administration.

  • Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    No war, no talks with US

    Iran's supreme leader said yesterday there would be neither war nor negotiations with the United States, and that the country's problems were the result of government mismanagement more than renewed sanctions.

  • Trump son sought information on Clinton from Russians in 2016

    US President Donald Trump acknowledges that his son met with Russians in 2016 at Trump Tower to get information on his election opponent Hillary Clinton, saying it was "totally legal" and "done all the time in politics."

  • Trump receives letter from NKorea's Kim

    US President Donald Trump receives a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the two continue to discuss Pyongyang's commitment at a recent Singapore summit to rid itself of nuclear weapons, but no second meeting is currently planned, the White House says.

  • Threats won't work, try respect

    Iran waved away US President Donald Trump's claims that talks with the country's leaders were imminent, saying "threats, sanctions and PR stunts won't work". With Washington pulling out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal and set to reimpose full sanctions on Iran from August 6, Tehran has responded coolly to Trump's offer on Monday to talk "any time" without preconditions.

  • Trump accuses Twitter of stifling Republicans, offers no evidence

    President Donald Trump accuses Twitter Inc of restricting the visibility of prominent US Republicans, without providing evidence, and the avid user of the social media platform promises to investigate.

  • The End of NATO?

    What is left of NATO and the transatlantic order after US President Donald Trump's tumultuous week in Brussels, the United Kingdom, and Helsinki, where he defended Russian President Vladimir Putin against accusations of cyber warfare by America's own intelligence agencies?

  • Trump says he 'gave up nothing' at Putin meeting

    US President Donald Trump says he "gave up nothing" at last week's private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin but remained elusive about their conversation as fellow Republicans and other critics questioned any potential deals.

  • Iran will resist Trump's 'psychological warfare': Iran general

    Overnight threats by President Donald Trump against Iran amount to "psychological warfare", and Tehran will continue to resist its enemies, a senior commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying.

  • Trump lashes ex-lawyer, says taping of client 'perhaps illegal'

    US President Donald Trump says his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen may have acted illegally after it emerged he had secretly taped a discussion about payments to a former Playboy model over an alleged affair.

  • Trump invites Putin to Washington

    President Donald Trump has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington this autumn, the White House says, a daring rebuttal to the torrent of criticism in the United States over Trump's failure to publicly confront Putin at their first summit for Moscow's meddling in the 2016 election.

  • Earl Robert Miller may be next US envoy

    US President Donald Trump announces his intent to nominate Earl Robert Miller to be next Ambassador of the United States of America to Bangladesh, according to an announcement of the White House.

  • Trump blames bad Russia ties on FBI 'witch hunt'

    US President Donald Trump sets the scene for his summit with Vladimir Putin by blaming the chill in relations with Moscow on the investigation into Russian interference in his election victory.

  • Theresa May

    UK PM May says Donald Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit

    British Prime Minister Theresa May says US President Donald Trump had previously advised her to sue the European Union as part of her Brexit strategy, disclosing a piece of advice Trump says last week she had ignored.

  • Trump picks conservative judge Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

    President Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court as he aims to entrench its conservative control for years to come, but the federal appeals court judge faces a tough confirmation fight in the bitterly divided Senate.

  • Under fire for ethics scandals, US EPA chief Pruitt resigns

    US Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, who had been lauded by US President Donald Trump for his aggressive efforts to roll back environmental regulations, resigns yesterday under heavy fire for a series of ethics-related controversies.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump narrows US Supreme Court list

    US President Donald Trump says he plans to announce his nominee to replace retiring US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on July 9, and that he has narrowed his list of candidates.

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    Trump threatens 20 percent tariff on all imported EU cars

    US President Donald Trump threatens to impose a 20 percent tariff on cars imported from the European Union, after the bloc's additional tariffs on dozens of American products took effect.

  • Trump orders end to family separations at US border

    US President Donald Trump backs down and abandons his policy of separating immigrant children from their families on the US-Mexico border, after images of youngsters in cages sparked outrage at home and abroad.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump threatens more tariffs on China

    US President Donald Trump threatens to impose a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion of Chinese goods, prompting a swift warning from Beijing of retaliation, as the trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies quickly escalated.