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  • Vitamin A plus capsules campaign

    Was it Vitamin A that made the infants sick?

    We are deeply concerned about the report of a 16-month-old boy dying and several hundred children falling sick in Jamalpur Upazila allegedly after taking Vitamin A capsules during the latest Vitamin A Plus Campaign.

  • Vitamin A Capsules: Five-day national campaign begins

    A 16-month-old boy died hours after being given a vitamin A capsule in Jamalpur's Sarishabari yesterday, the first day of a previously postponed national campaign.

  • Vitamin A plus campaign in Bangladesh 2019

    Vitamin A plus campaign likely next week

    A previously postponed vitamin A capsules distribution campaign is likely to be held next week, health ministry officials said.

  • Over 2cr children to be fed vitamin A plus capsule

    National Vitamin-A Plus campaign would be observed on December 23 across the country to feed vitamin-A Plus capsule to over 2.21 crore children aged between six months to 59 months to prevent childhood blindness and reduce child mortality.

  • Vitamin A plus campaign Saturday

    Around 2.25 crore children, aged between six months and five years, will be fed Vitamin A plus capsules under a national campaign on August 5.