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  • Modi unveils plan to tackle water shortages in India's heartland states

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches a 60-billion-rupee ($842 million) plan to tackle water shortages in the country’s seven heartland states where agriculture is a mainstay.

  • Quarter of world's population facing extreme water stress

    Nearly a quarter of the world's population lives in 17 countries facing extremely high water stress, close to "day zero" conditions when the taps run dry, according to a report.

  • Trekking 12kms a day for water

    Purna Mala Tanchangya straps a basket on her back and carries as many pots and pans as possible to go and collect water at least twice a day from a well that is about two to three kilometres away.

  • 2bn people lack water at health facilities: UN

    A quarter of the world's health facilities lack basic water services, impacting 2 billion people, the United Nations says, warning that unhygienic conditions could fuel the global rise of deadly superbugs.

  • The water business in the south west of Bangladesh

    There is a district in the south-west of Bangladesh which is at the epicentre of a drinking water crisis. A crisis that is being exacerbated everyday owing to the realities of climate change.

  • water crisis

    Destruction of forests, stone theft send hill creek to death throe

    Unabated destruction of forests coupled with stone theft and use of deep tubewells at tobacco plantations have dried up the once mighty Roambo jhiri (a creek or small stream) in remote hills of Bandarban's Alikadam upazila.

  • Countries turn saltwater into drinkable water using solar power

    Countries like Saudi Arabia are using solar powered desalination plants to turn saltwater into drinkable water to meet the worldwide water crisis.

  • Water, water, nowhere!

    As the sweltering heat makes life intolerable for Dhaka dwellers, a severe water crisis has made things go from bad to worse for residents of Dhanmondi...

  • Sudden water crisis affects parts of Dhaka

    With a heat wave sweeping the country for more than two weeks in the absence of rain, sufferings of the residents in several parts of the city have worsened due to an acute crisis of water for the last few weeks.

  • Water crisis tormenting city dwellers

    The summer heat is excruciating enough without having to suffer through an acute water crisis.

  • Pirojpur in crisis

    The people in half of Pirojpur district, according to a report in this paper on February 28, are facing the worst crisis imaginable – lack of safe drinking water.

  • ‘Bollywood style demo’ for water supply in Maharashtra

    A group of villagers in Maharashtra of India resort to Bollywood actor Dharmendra’s famous way of protest on a tank top in the blockbuster film Sholay to demand releasing water from a dam.

  • Patients face water crisis

    Patients at Dinajpur Medical College Hospital have been undergoing untold sufferings due to an acute water crisis since the lone water

  • Dried up Teesta hits livelihood

    “We used to have bumper crops here,” says farmer Mahir Uddin of Char Kalmati village in Lalmonirhat. “The Teesta River used to flow year-round but nowadays there's not enough water in winter for optimal agriculture.”

  • Why Delhi buys water on the black market

    20 percent of Delhi population have no access to piped water and have to be supplied by water tankers, but difference between demand and supply is over 750 million litres a day.

  • Troubled Waters

    IN the early 1960s, John F Kennedy said, "Anyone who can solve the problems of water, will be worthy of two Nobel prizes: one for peace and one for sciences" (cited in Likhotal 2013: 86). This statement of Kennedy implies the significance as well as challenges of resolving water problems. In South Asia, water has been constructed as a scarce resource and hence, is considered a source of conflict rather than cooperation.

  • Don’t worry over Teesta: Mamata

    Visiting West Bengal Chief Mamata Banerjee says Bangladesh need not worry over Teesta water-sharing deal and the issue will be resolved soon

  • Pakistan braces for a water crisis

    Energy-starved Pakistanis, their economy battered by chronic fuel and electricity shortages, may soon have to contend with a new resource crisis: major water shortages, the Pakistani government warned this week.