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  • VR

    How VR to change the way we book travel

    Virtual reality technology could become a popular travel tool during the booking process, allowing consumers to explore their hotel room, cruise cabin or destination before they plonk down their hard-earned money.

  • Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways to increase Dhaka-Doha flights

    In a move to provide passengers with additional travel options, Qatar Airways announces to launch a third daily flight between Dhaka and Doha from April 1.

  • [WATCH] Discover Bangladesh: Quick Tour into the Sundarbans

    According to renowned author Amitav Ghosh, the Sundarbans is a piece of heaven on Earth which is serene and at the same time dangerous.

  • Peace and a pachyderm

    There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as strolling through the grasslands of Northern Thailand on elephant back.

  • physically-challenged

    Travelling when you're disabled

    People with disabilities can travel the world. All it takes is some smart planning.

  • Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat province, water, Thailand

    Walking over water

    In the border town of Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat province, legend has it that an old Muslim woman known for her magical powers rowed her sampan into the swampland one fine day many moons ago and never came out.

  • Asia’s most visited countries

    China is the top most travel destination in Asia for the world's tourists, according to the latest figures published by the World Bank.

  • Explore Kushtia in one day

    One can easily pay a visit to Kushtia in a day with a good plan. Here is how one can cover the maximum spots of this spiritually and culturally rich area in just a day.

  • Hong Kong, freedom, isles

    Exploring the little isles of freedom in Hong Kong

    It is a risk worth taking to explore the outlying islands in Hong Kong, as is evident from these photographs clicked by DJ Clark using a drone and phone.

  • Rafting in China

    Yangshuo has many beautiful fresh mountain springs and rivers, tumbling off the mountains. And now, you can tumble off them too!