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  • Why is part of the Amazon burning?

    The thousands of fires burning in the Amazon don't look like the major forest fires of Europe or North America -- instead, they are fueled mainly by branches, vegetation and other byproducts of deforestation in cleared areas, experts say.

  • Five people killed in Algiers stampede

    Five young people were killed and dozens more injured in a stampede at a packed rap concert in the Algerian capital, a spokesman for

  • 5 people killed in stampede at Algiers rap concert

    At least five people are killed in a stampede at a packed rap concert in the Algerian capital on Thursday night, a hospital source says.

  • Sudan swears in ruling council

    Sudan took further steps in its transition towards civilian rule yesterday with the swearing in of a new sovereign council, to be followed by the appointment of a prime minister.

  • Sudan’s Bashir got $90m from Saudi royals

    Sudan’s deposed military ruler Omar al-Bashir has admitted to receiving $90 million in cash from Saudi royals, an investigator told a Khartoum court yesterday.

  • 19 killed in Uganda fuel truck blast

    Nineteen people died when a fuel truck barrelled into other vehicles in a busy town in western Uganda and exploded, police said

  • Sudanese celebrate transition to civilian rule

    Rapturous crowds filled the streets of Khartoum yesterday as Sudan’s generals and protest leaders signed a historic deal paving the way to civilian rule.

  • Sudan allows Al-Jazeera to reopen office

    Sudan has allowed Qatari broadcaster Al-Jazeera to reopen its Khartoum office, which they had shut down in May, the channel’s

  • 17 seamen kidnapped off Cameroon

    Nine Chinese and eight Ukrainian seamen were abducted on Thursday when two merchant vessels came under attack in Cameroonian waters, sources said yesterday.

  • At least 60 killed, dozones injured

    At least 60 people perished in Tanzania yesterday when a fuel tanker overturned and then exploded as people rushed to syphon off leaking fuel.