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  • Turkey court upholds convictions of journos

    A Turkish appeals court yesterday upheld jail sentences against 14 opposition journalists in a long-running case targeting the Cumhuriyet newspaper -- one of the few r

  • Seven MPs quit UK Labour Party

    A group of MPs from Britain's opposition Labour Party broke away yesterday in protest at leader Jeremy Corbyn's support for Brexit and his failure to stamp out anti-Semitism.

  • FB broke rules, should be regulated: UK lawmakers

    Facebook intentionally breached data privacy and competition law and should, along with other big tech companies, be subject to a new regulator to protect democracy and citizens' rights, British lawmakers said yesterday.

  • UK PM to talk with every EU leader

    British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday vowed to speak to every EU member state leader "over the coming days", as she wrote to Conservative MPs to appeal for unity over Brexit.

  • Israel, US seeking war

    Iran's foreign minister yesterday accused Israel of looking for war and warned that its actions and those of the United States were increasing the chances of a clash in the region.

  • Vatican defrocks US ex-cardinal for sex abuses

    Pope Francis has defrocked a former cardinal in a first for the Roman Catholic church over accusations American Theodore McCarrick

  • Turkey has not revealed all about Khashoggi killing: Erdogan

    Turkey has not yet revealed all the information it has discovered about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in

  • 300 babies die every day because of war: charity

    Starvation, disease and a lack of aid are killing 300 babies a day in warzones around the world, with the number of children caught up in conflicts nearing a 30-year high, Save the Children said yesterday.

  • Slovenia MP resigns for stealing sandwich

    A Slovenian lawmaker resigned yesterday for stealing a sandwich from a supermarket because he was annoyed about being ignored by staff.

  • 'The caliphate is over'

    An unrepentant British teenager who joined the Islamic State group in Syria said in an interview yesterday that she wants to come home, highlighting the challenge for Western governments on how to deal with returning jihadist supporters.

  • UK PM faces another defeat

    Prime Minister Theresa May risks another humiliating Brexit defeat at the hands of her own eurosceptic MPs yesterday, with just weeks to go until Britain officially leaves the EU.

  • EU agrees to fix online copyright law

    The European Union reached a provisional deal Wednesday to overhaul the bloc's online copyright law, a top official said, after a tense battle that has pitted media firms against internet giants like Google.

  • Bavarians in push for 'save the bees' vote

    A record 1.75 million Bavarians signed a petition to seek a referendum to "save the bees", a move that could have huge consequences for the German farming industry and environmental protection.

  • Turkey rounds up 52 Syrian IS suspects

    Turkish authorities yesterday detained 52 suspected Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in northwestern province of Bursa as part of a

  • Gorbachev slams US over exit from key arms treaty

    The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev issued a stinging criticism of Washington yesterday, accusing it of misleading the world over

  • 300,000 will die if aid doesn't enter

    Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido told tens of thousands of supporters on Tuesday that desperately-needed humanitarian aid

  • Too many working poor: UN

    The global unemployment rate inched down last year, the UN said yesterday, warning though that jobs often failed to guarantee decent

  • Post-box love for lonely Britons

    Big-hearted Britons have penned thousands of uplifting messages to be delivered to single seniors on Valentine's Day in a project aimed

  • US seeks to increase pressure on Iran

    Foreign ministers and senior officials from 60 nations gathered in the Polish capital Warsaw yesterday where the United States hopes to

  • Turkey orders arrest of 1,112 over Gulen link

    Turkey yesterday launched one of its largest operations against alleged supporters of the US-based Muslim cleric accused of leading an attempted coup in 2016, ordering the arrest of 1,112 people, state media reported.

  • May asks MPs for more time

    Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday asked MPs to give her more time to try and revive her Brexit deal with the EU in what the opposition said was a ploy to "run down the clock".

  • May to make plea to MPs for time to change deal

    British Prime Minister Theresa May will later this week pledge to give parliament another chance to voice their opinions on Brexit by February 27, a government source said, as she tries to buy more time to negotiate a new deal with the European Union.

  • Spain's far-right protest against PM

    Tens of thousands of people waving Spanish flags yesterday joined a rally in Madrid called by right-wing and far-right parties against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez over his negotiations with Catalan separatists.

  • Labour's Brexit offer rebuffed by UK govt

    British Prime Minister Theresa May's government on Thursday repeated its opposition to negotiating a future UK-EU customs union, after the opposition Labour Party named that as its price for backing her Brexit plan.

  • 'Climate chaos' in the offing

    Billions of tonnes of meltwater flowing into the world's oceans from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could boost extreme weather and destabilise regional climate within a matter of decades, researchers said Wednesday.

  • Suicide rate falls by a third globally

    Suicides have fallen globally by more than a third since 1990, according to a far-reaching analysis released yesterday that highlighted profound differences in the number of men and women taking their own lives.

  • Germany sets new limits on Facebook

    Facebook has been ordered to curb its data collection practices in Germany after a landmark ruling yesterday that the world's largest social network abused its market dominance to gather information about users without their consent.

  • EU agrees to more talks

    The European Union yesterday promised to work with Theresa May on "whether a way through can be found" to avoid the disruption of a no-deal Brexit after the British prime minister demanded changes to the divorce deal to get it through parliament.

  • 'Special place in Hell' for no plan Brexiteers

    The European Union will make no new offer on Brexit and those who promoted Britain's exit without any understanding of how to deliver it deserve a special place in hell, Council President Donald Tusk said yesterday.

  • Karl Marx

    Tomb of Karl Marx vandalised in London

    Vandals have damaged the London tomb of Karl Marx in what the cemetery says appeared to be a sustained and targeted attack.