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  • Tulip Siddiq

    Tulip Siddiq becomes British MP for 3rd term

    Tulip Siddiq, granddaughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has won a landslide victory in the UK general election with Labour Party ticket.

  • Pound soars as Johnson heads for landslide British election win

    The British pound surged more than 2% on Thursday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party looked set for a decisive election victory that markets believe makes an orderly exit from the European Union all but certain.

  • British PM Johnson: We have a powerful mandate for Brexit

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that his government appeared to have won a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done.

  • UK destined for Brexit as Johnson wins big

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was on course for a resounding victory in Britain's election after voters backed his bid to deliver Brexit on Jan. 31, the country's most significant geopolitical move in 70 years.

  • Possible outcomes

    Britain went to the polls yesterday to decide the future of Brexit in a snap pre-Christmas election aimed at ending years of political deadlock and bitter divisions over the country’s European Union membership.

  • Myanmar Rohingya genocide

    Rohingya genocide: Full transcript of last 2 days' hearing at ICJ

    The hearings at an international court in a case filed by Gambia against Myanmar alleging genocide against the minority Rohingya population at the International Court of Justice in The Hague roles into the third and final day.

  • Youth vote an unpredictable factor

    Young voters are the most europhile and left-wing in Britain, yet also the least likely to vote, representing an unknown factor in Thursday’s battle for Downing Street.

  • Climate pledges ‘misleading’

    Swedish activist Greta Thunberg yesterday accused wealthier nations of inventing ways to avoid slashing their greenhouse gas emissions, branding their climate action “misleading” at a summit in Madrid.

  • All you need to know

    Months of fractious political disagreement over Brexit saw MPs agree in October to hold an early general election.

  • Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi

    Gambia has 'failed' to explain genocidal intent: Myanmar

    Myanmar's lawyer William Schabas claims that the Gambia has "failed" to explain genocidal intent in the crimes that took place in Rakhine state in 2017.

  • 30,000 face extinction

    Already facing the threat of habitat destruction, hundreds of plant and animal species are now under further pressure from manmade climate change, the IUCN yesterday said in its updated “Red List of Threatened Species”.

  • UK PM pockets reporter’s phone in hospital row

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused on Monday of grabbing a journalist’s phone and putting it into his pocket to avoid looking at an image of a boy sleeping on a hospital floor.

  • 2 Algeria ex-PMs get long jail terms in graft trial

    An Algerian court yesterday sentenced two former prime ministers to long jail terms in the first of a series of high-profile corruption trials launched after longtime president Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned in the face of mass protests in April.

  • NZ volcano toll rises to six

    Fearing the volcano could erupt again, search parties were unable to set foot on New Zealand’s White Island for eight people still missing yesterday, as police raised the death toll to six from the eruption a day earlier.

  • Toxic bushfire haze blankets eastern Australia

    Toxic haze blanketed Sydney yesterday triggering a chorus of smoke alarms to ring across the city and forcing school children inside, as “severe” weather conditions fuelled deadly bush blazes along Australia’s east coast.

  • Talks out of sync with demands

    UN climate negotiations in Madrid remained bogged down in the fine print of the Paris treaty rulebook, out-of-sync with a world demanding action to forestall the ravages of global warming.

  • 'Boycott Myanmar Campaign' launched

    In a bid to force Myanmar to bear economic, cultural, diplomatic and political pressure globally, 30 human rights, academic and professional organizations of 10 countries jointly launch a campaign to boycott the south Asian country.

  • Oil, gas groups ‘destroying’ climate talks

    Oil and gas groups were yesterday accused of seeking to influence climate talks in Madrid by paying millions in sponsorship and sending dozens of lobbyists to delay what scientists say is a necessary and rapid cut in fossil fuel use.

  • Travel misery in France as nationwide strike continues

    The most serious nationwide strike to hit France in years caused new misery for weekend travellers yesterday, with defiant unions dismissing proposals by the government and warning walkouts would last well into next week.

  • Scientists warn of social ‘tipping point’

    With young climate activists taking to the streets of Madrid, the UN climate chief and a leading scientist warned of a growing risk of social unrest as the effects of a warming world worsen inequality and poverty worldwide.

  • Conflicts over water likely to flare up in coming year

    Conflicts over water are likely to flare up in Iraq, Mali and India in the coming year, according to the developers of an app launched yesterday which aims to help prevent violence by flagging up potential flashpoints.

  • 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults

    NATO leaders set aside public insults ranging from "delinquent" to "brain dead" and "two-faced", declaring at a 70th anniversary summit they would stand together against a common threat from Russia and prepare for China's rise.

  • Natural gas drives record CO2 emissions in 2019

    Global carbon emissions boosted by soaring natural gas use are set to hit record levels in 2019 despite a decline in coal consumption and a string of countries declaring a climate emergency, researchers said yesterday .

  • Germany kicks out Russian diplomats

    Germany expelled two Russian diplomats yesterday after prosecutors said Moscow could be behind the killing of a former Chechen rebel commander in a Berlin park.

  • EU to miss 2020 green goals

    The EU will not meet its environmental targets for 2020 but could achieve those for 2030 and 2050 if urgent action is taken, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said Wednesday.

  • UN seeks $29b

    The UN launched a humanitarian appeal for nearly $29 billion yesterday as climate change and increasingly protracted conflicts put tens of millions of people in urgent need of aid.

  • Kamala Harris ends 2020 White House bid

    Democrat trailblazer Kamala Harris pulled the plug on her US presidential campaign Tuesday after a promising start to her bid was eroded by underperforming in a crowded field and a failure to raise sufficient funds.

  • November 2019 was joint hottest on record: data

    Last month was the joint hottest November in history, satellite data showed yesterday, marking six consecutive months where the world either broke or equalled record temperatures.

  • Floods predicted to uproot 50m yearly as climate heats up

    The number of people at risk of being forced from their homes by river flooding could surge to as many as 50 million a year by the end of the century if governments do not step up action to tackle climate change, researchers warn.

  • China outclasses West

    Teenagers from four big Chinese regions outshone their contemporaries in Western nations in a keenly watched survey of education capabilities published yesterday, which also showed no improvement trend in developed countries over the past two decades.