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  • Najmun Nahar Keya on her artistic inspirations

    Najmun Nahar Keya’s artistic journey began in Old Dhaka, where she grew up in the midst of beautiful architectural wonders and a family that encouraged her creative aspirations. Her artworks exhibit her inclination towards nostalgic memories, associated with archival photographs of her family, architectural beauty, new materials, recent societal and global political events, and personal experiences. Keya co-curated many shows before, but her first ever solo curated show is “Frozen Song”, an exhibition inspired by architect Bashirul Haq, currently underway at “Chobi Mela Shunno”.

  • Contemporary Dissent – Echoes of the 80’s

    In the podcast episode, ‘Contemporary Dissent – Echoes of the 80’s’ by “Chobi Mela Shunno'', Lotte Hoek and Catherine Masud share their experiences, looking back at their journeys in the late 1980’s and early 2000’s in Bangladesh. They talk about the parallels and differences in their journeys.

  • A panel discussion on workplace experiences of female journalists

    ''Chobi Mela Shunno'', currently underway at DrikPath Bhobon, celebrated Solidarity Day on February 15. A panel discussion featuring female journalists and photojournalists was held on that day. Moderated by Saydia Gulrukh, the discussion featured Joyeeta Roy, staff journalist at Bangladesh Protidin, Sabina Yasmine, staff photojournalist at Prothom Alo, Sadia Marium, member of the Kaali collective and Zyma Islam, staff reporter at The Daily Star.

  • Sabih Ahmed and Sohrab Hura discuss shared ecosystems and geographic realignments at Chobi Mela Shunno

    The special edition of Chobi Mela features a series of podcasts that include themes ranging from collective narratives to echoes of the 80s, thinking contexts, conversations and many more sharing of ideas in and around defining and (re)defining the meaning and interpretation of images. The podcast series is curated by artiste Munem Wasif who handpicked speakers ranging from artists to curators, filmmakers, writers, musicians and others.

  • Frozen Song: An exhibition inspired by architect Bashirul Haq

    Happening now at the newly opened DrikPath Bhobon at Panthapath, “Chobi Mela Shunno'' has successfully created a space for artists, thinkers, activists, and visionaries in self-reflective, experimental processes. “Frozen Song'', an exhibition of the festival, depicts the diversity and transformation of Drik and Pathshala. It is inspired by Bashirul Haq, the architect of DrikPath Bhobon.

  • Baba Betar: An innovative art radio and sound archive

    Baba Betar, an art radio and contemporary sound archive, started its journey in March 2020, during the countrywide shutdown, induced by the pandemic. It is being aired every day from 8 pm to 10 pm at this year’s “Chobi Mela”, on the festival’s website. Tomorrow (February 16) will be celebrated as “Baba Betar Day” at the event.

  • The muses of artist and curator Zihan Karim

    Chattogram-based visual artist Zihan Karim has curated a show at “Chobi Mela” for the second time. This year, the festival welcomes an energetic ensemble of South Asian artists to explore how they are dealing with these uncertain times.

  • ‘Chobi Mela Shunno’ kicks off

    Organised by Drik Picture Library Ltd and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, the 2021 edition of “Chobi Mela”, begins today. Titled “Chobi Mela Shunno”, the festival started with an inaugural rally at DrikPath Bhobon in the afternoon. At the end of the rally, celebrated photographer Shahidul Alam, along with other curators inaugurated the festival with an introductory discussion on the exhibitions.

  • Wakilur Rahman’s ‘There is no story’ underway at Shilpangan Gallery

    Renowned artist Wakilur Rahman’s solo exhibition, “There is no story” is currently underway at Shilpangan Gallery, Dhanmondi.The exhibition features 37 artworks by him, which are dominated by the essence of black and white shades. The event was inaugurated by artist Abul Baqr Alvi on February 9. Art critic Javed Jalil was also present.

  • Shamset Tabrejee’s ‘Random Vignettes’ begins at Dwip Gallery tomorrow

    After being closed for several months due to the ongoing pandemic, Dwip Gallery reopens in February this year with new exhibitions and other events. Prominent poet and painter Shamset Tabrejee’s second solo exhibition, “Random Vignettes”, curated by Mustafa Zaman, will be held at the gallery from February 12 to 26.