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  • Ali Sakhi Khan

  • Now that’s Dapper

    “Fit is king. If I am not happy with the fit of the suit, it is not walking out of Dapper,” says Shezzane Mozumder, director, Dapper Bespoke.
  • Truefitt & Hill: A regal grooming

    The year 1805 holds a historic chapter in the history of the world — Thomas Jefferson became the president of the United States of America for a second term, and Nelson found victory in the Battle at Cape Trafalgar;
  • Zurhem only speaks grandeur

    Munir ensured that Zurhem’s personality is reflected on the décor and space of their flagship atelier. With the theme and layout of a quintessential bachelor pad, it is arranged to provide utmost calm and peace, where customers can walk in, have a cup of coffee, read books, look at some of the coolest art works collected by the designer, and relax.
  • Samuel Hoque: Breathing innovative fashion

    Most of the London based designer’s styles are a unique blend of minimal and peculiar prints, playing around with fabrics, and giving his designs unprecedented dimensions.
  • Yama Hot Pot & Grill: The Essence of a hot pot

    Walking into a hot pot date is nothing short of a challenge. With little experience; scratch that — no experience — it is quite a daunting task. And that is exactly where Yama Hot Pot & Grill comes in; pioneering the very concept of hot pot in Bangladesh.