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  • Amiya Halder

    Amiya Halder works as In-Charge for Daily Star's weekly career supplement Next Step. She has the daunting task of turning dull, sleep inducing articles into interesting content. She often steps in to create info-graphs which happens to be one of her specialties. Amiya has a recurring worry that her arms are too short for taking selfies, rather like the Tyrannosaurs Rex. This IBA student refuses to let her poor selfie taking skills hamper her team building activities. Most of that involves accepting LAN games of NFS and beating the guys most of the times at races. It's called team building exercise and she practices what she edits.

  • Rules of engagement

    A nine-to-five workday spent dangerously close with the opposite sex in a sequestered office cubicle makes it painstakingly difficult for things not to get steamy once in a while.
  • Tall, handsome and deathly—the enduring allure of vampires

    Growing up, vampires were never quite the James Deans of the undead that they are today. Vampires that I would encounter were middle-aged, had an unwholesome pallor, the same coiffure as Alfalfa from The Little Rascals, and god-awful vaguely-European accents.
  • Phoenix of Longadu

    “After the landslide, it became all too clear where the aid was headed. Of course there would be an inclination to send relief to the Bengalis,” says Mrittika Kamal, Director of Terracotta Creatives and one of the curators of Phoenix of Longadu, a charity exhibition, held between October 16 and 19 at Drik Gallery, dedicated to raising funds for the affected families.
  • 3 signs your work place is killing you

    Wondering if your workplace is getting to you? Here are the top three questions you should be asking yourself.
  • What to do when entry-level positions require “two years of experience”

    It's your dream job in your ideal industry. This is what four years of undergrad built you up for. You are ready to take on all those challenging albeit thrilling responsibilities. Even better—you are genuinely digging the company's mission, you can already envision yourself sticking up Steve Jobs posters in that spiffy green cubicle with the plywood walls. So what's stopping you?