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  • Anisha Hassan

  • We like big belts and we cannot lie

    Sometimes a single buckle just does not cut it. At times like these just bring out two. Coming out symmetrically from both ends to create a bigger centre buckle, these look great when paired with casuals, and is an easy way to step up your denim game.
  • A La Greek

    All of us have, at least once, come across a beautiful scenery of white houses with little blue roofs and a majestic blue backdrop of the water and the sky merging into one. Santorini is one of the most popular travel destinations today, boasting the exact scenery described, and their special cuisine is one of the most sought after for its mouth-watering taste.
  • Face Massages – Secret to youthfulness

    If done right, face massages can be thought of as an equivalent to the fountain of youth.
  • Celebrating Health, Celebrating Coffee

    On the first day of every October, the world gathers to celebrate the one bean we all love to bits, coffee.
  • Open letter to the bride’s father

    Dear fathers, whose daughters are three months to a year away from the BIG day --