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  • Anisur Rahman

  • ‘Backline has to be in top shape’

    The defensive solidity of Jamie Day’s boys in red and green have enjoyed a solid reputation but ironically, the British gaffer is facing a tough challenge to assemble his playing eleven, with the inexperienced backline remains his primary area of concern among all three departments, ahead of the World Cup and Asian Cup Qualifiers starting from June 3 in Qatar.
  • Stardom to obscurity and back again

    After displaying her potential in her inaugural tournament by grabbing a gold medal, archer Diya Siddique went AWOL in both domestic and international meets over the past two years before again bursting into the limelight by winning a silver medal from the Archery World Cup in Switzerland along with Bangladesh’s top archer, Ruman Sana.
  • A tale of striking contrast

    Participating in Indian regional football league for Bangladeshi top footballers, especially in Kolkata, had once been a periodic and prestigious affair but unfortunately the scenario turned into a rarity, over the years.
  • Volleyball’s rising popularity

    Not too long ago volleyball was out of everyone’s sight due to its irregular domestic competitions and failure at international level, but change in leadership and international success has seemingly given Bangladesh’s volleyball a new boost in recent past.
  • At peak, Gourab wants to climb higher

    National badminton champion Gourab Singha has climbed to the top of national rankings, but the limitation of training facilities, quality coaches and lack of competitions have confined him within a certain boundary of progress.