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  • Asifur Rahman

  • Semester System: Four public universities struggling

    Students are deprived of reaping the rewards of the semester system in four public universities due to mismanagement by the authorities.
  • (Watch) Students serving free sehri, iftar

    Hungry people, some with children, begin to gather near Raju sculpture on Dhaka University campus after midnight, and by 3:00am, there are almost 400 of them sitting down expectantly on the street.
  • But who’ll run the tests?

    With coronavirus positive cases increasing in the country, many are expressing dissatisfaction over the small number of tests being conducted every day and wondering about the possible reason behind this.
  • Because they too need care

    As the country spends days in a near-lockdown situation to curb the spread of coronavirus, street animals are having to go hungry with everyone at home and all shops closed.
  • Prices of essentials shoot up

    The prices of essentials, including rice, vegetables, cooking oil, spices, and cleaning items, have increased several folds over the last one week.