C R Abrar | The Daily Star
  • C R Abrar

    Professor of International Relations at the University of Dhaka. He researches and writes on rights and migration issues.

  • World Press Freedom Day: Unattained aspiration

    As a nation Bangladeshis commemorated the golden jubilee of their independence a little more than a month ago.
  • Freedom of Assembly

    The streets and squares of different towns and cities including those of Rajshahi, Sylhet, Chattogram and Brahmanbaria have witnessed outbreak of wanton violence and mayhem over the last week or so.
  • The case for rescinding the Digital Security Act

    They were both active, conscientious, thinking citizens. Both were passionate about social issues, and were gifted—one had a penchant for writing, the other for drawing cartoons.
  • Death in destination countries

    A few days ago a news item carried by The Guardian, a UK daily, created a major stir in the national media of several Asian countries.
  • Masses, intellectuals and the Orwellian state

    For ordinary Bangladeshis bereft of smart phones and computers, it was a baffling experience. Last week they were bombarded with the message that the Al Jazeera report titled All the Prime Minister’s Men was the outcome of a mischievous conspiracy.