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  • Mohammad Akib Nawaz

    Freelance Writer for Shift. Currently runs/owns a teaching centre for O/A Level students and tries to impart upon them a lot of love for all things cars. In his spare time he turns up for Shift test drives and tries not to crash into anything.


    Abdullah Chowdhury started Royalty Bangladesh with a simple yet challenging mission to unify privilege programs all over the Bangladeshi market.
  • Jonway A380

    The Chinese are not known for making particularly great cars. They are usually cheap, tacky and often unreliable. Jonway tries to buck that trend with the new 2016 Jonway A380. Brought in by Rancon Imports, it's a crossover SUV whose design features closely resemble a car we are all familiar with – Toyota RAV4.
  • 2017 Hyundai Elantra

    The 2017 Elantra in Bangladesh, redesigned to look good. Does it drive 'good' also?
  • Efficiency and soul defined: 2016 BMW 318i M-package

    The latest BMW 3 series comes with a cracking three cylinder turbo engine. Is it as fun to drive as it is efficient?
  • Driving the 318i

    Lets start with the cockpit: the 318i with the M package exterior and interior felt sporty enough. Stereo adjustments,