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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • Sunbittern

    We got up before sunrise and boarded a jeep. It was open on all sides and had two rows of raised rear seats to afford everyone a good view.
  • Childhood Pleasures (and Terrors)

    Small things bring pleasure to children, but insignificant things can also terrify them. In my case, the pleasure came from the tangible physical world, but my fears were often rooted in the imaginary.
  • Fishy Mornings

    A string of failures followed by success – that is the story of my childhood fishing.
  • Earliest Memories

    Benvenuto Cellini from the Italian Renaissance was an artist and a sculptor, but he is remembered for his autobiography.
  • Leaving Home

    In 1975, an opportunity for studying abroad came along. My Uncle and Aunt - Rafi Chacha and Nora Chachi - living in London were visiting us in Dhaka. Seeing my grades they offered to sponsor me for my science A-Levels, which were not offered in Dhaka then. I was only sixteen, but with my parents’ blessings I said yes.