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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • Coucal

    When my father passed away twelve years ago, he left behind a plantation where, for forty years, he had grown many types of plants.
  • Giraffe

    Most people remember the movie Out of Africa for dazzling performances by Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.
  • Green-billed Malkoha

    In 2016, while working on a book of photographs of birds of Bangladesh, I visited Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary several times looking for birds that I had not found elsewhere.
  • Amazing Birds

    We connect with birds in many ways. Their flight symbolizes freedom. Their colours and songs nourish our eyes and ears. Their postures, movement and interactions captivate us. They often perform seemingly impossible feats – such as catching an insect in flight - right in front of our eyes.
  • Rhino

    Last week I wrote about the book African Silences by Peter Matthiessen recounting a series of trips he made in Africa in search of birds and wildlife. Along with other animals, the book taught me about the White Rhino.