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  • Impact of Covid-19: Jhalakathi lemon growers feel the pinch

    Despite high demand at retail markets where it is selling for good prices, lemon growers are failing to sell the produce at profitable rates due to a drop in the number of interested buyers at Bhimruli wholesale market in Jhalakathi Sadar.
  • Cyclone Amphan

    Amphan, a bolt from the blue

    It’s water, water everywhere. Strong current coupled by the fierce gales has inundated almost everything that can be seen through the eerie darkness. Women and children have been huddled in a boat tied up with a tree in a nearby jungle with men straining every nerve to survive the perilous night by grasping something firm.
  • Dr Manisha to the rescue

    As the crisis originating from the coronavirus deepens, people, especially the poor and needy, are looking up to their local leaders to deliver.
  • Shortage of testing kits worry Barishal doctors

    An inadequate supply of testing kits to detect the novel coronavirus across Barishal division has become a headache for doctors in the region.
  • ‘How I will buy food for my family’: Daily wage earners counting losses during coronavirus outbreak

    As some people with more regularised jobs and businesses gradually begin to work from home or enter stay-home modes across the country, livelihoods of low-income people are being hit hard.