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  • Maisha Maliha

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  • Encroachment and pollution: A dual threat to our rivers

    Considering that Dhaka city is gradually losing its wetlands, rivers and flood flow zones due to filling, encroachments and pollution, the High Court Division has recently given a verdict.
  • Legal mechanism to control air pollution

    Over the past two years, Dhaka has been among the top five cities of the world in terms of pollution. According to the Environmental
  • DIY Phone Cases

    Tired of the same old boring store-bought phone cases? Can't find the exact kind of case you want? Here are ways you can add some flair to your phone case, or better still, make one of your own.
  • Finding a Journal

    Being one of those people who NEED pen and paper to pour out their hearts, owning the right journal to go with one's personality is essential.
  • Unconventional Ways to Fall Asleep

    Do you feel lethargic yet you find yourself unable to avail the services of the sandman? Want to drive yourself into dreamland as soon as you hit the sack? Read on for these full-proof scientifically tested (by me) methods to get some shut-eye for a change: