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  • Adopt an artisan and save our heritage

    Sobita Modi, a woman in her early fifties, had to take charge of her life with no aid from anyone else. Having to raise her children all by herself and ensure a proper education for all of them, she had to work relentlessly, weaving cane mats (shitol pati) and selling them to merchants at the district bazaar in Munshiganj.
  • EID 2020: Local fashion moves online: dawn of a new era

    Eid is truly a time of social mingling. A big part of that, is dressing to impress! For those of you who truly miss splurging on that exquisite sari or suit, looking for the perfect “wow” outfit is actually still very much possible.
  • Restaurant business and a pandemic

    The ongoing pandemic and lockdown have affected all sectors of the economy, including the restaurant industry. The otherwise busiest month of the year has turned out to be the most hard-hitting, especially in terms of lost projected revenues.
  • Plight of the transgender community amidst lockdown

    When the world unites on a common ground to help the poor and the needy, minorities and vulnerable groups of the society are somehow left out of the discussion. And this is what hit Tasnuva Anan Shishir, actor at BotTala, and a trans-woman, very hard.
  • The story of social media communities

    The recent pandemic has taken its toll on our minds and bodies. We are constantly obsessing about when and where it’s going to rear its ugly head, and as a result, also getting unwarranted anxiety attacks.