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  • Mohammad Badrul Ahsan

    Editor, First News and opinion writer for The Daily Star

  • Iron grip of persecution, hunger and discrimination

    Experts tell us that it should take another 150 to 170 years to close the gender pay gap around the world. Bad news for the mothers,
  • How can India win if Bangladesh does not?

    Which between the two countries has gained more from Bangladesh prime minister's visit to India this month? The question appears no less intriguing than the long-standing debate over which came first between chicken and egg.
  • Who's going to save politics from money?

    Bees make honey, but it's easier said than done. They have to fly 55,000 miles and visit roughly 2 million flowers to produce a pound of honey.
  • Cowards strung together in a daisy chain

    Shame is thus the flipside of honour, and one can't exist without the other. Shameless people can't be honourable, and honourable people can't be shameless.
  • Terrorism was never in the DNA

    The skein of yarn spun out of the Palestinian struggle, and then got twisted in the relentless Western maneuvering in the Middle East to defend Israel.