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  • Mohammad Badrul Ahsan

    Editor, First News and opinion writer for The Daily Star

  • Great ideals are ghost lights at night

    An increase in elevation lowers air pressure, which makes breathing difficult for a climber. The underwater world becomes increasingly blue and eventually black as a diver goes deeper.
  • Presidential humour and the irony of education

    The President of the Republic went public with his academic records, while addressing the 50th convocation of Dhaka University on March 4.
  • Lies make us blind in full sight

    If an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, what does a lie for a lie do to us?
  • When the bubble is convinced it's real

    An average person measures three and a half times the length of his or her own forearm in height.
  • Will the World Bank eat humble pie?

    It was once a familiar refrain amongst the restaurant-goers in Dhaka that even if one didn'teat or drink anything in a restaurant, one could still end up paying twelve annas for breaking a drinking glass. That saying embodied concerns over the costliness of eating out and its incidental hazards, but eventually acquired a deeper meaning of life. It implies a Kafkaesque helplessness when one has to pay for something without partaking in any of its pleasures.