Mozammel H. Khan | The Daily Star
  • Mozammel H. Khan

    The writer is the Convenor of the Canadian Committee for Human Rights and Democracy in Bangladesh, and a long-time contributor to Mukto-mona.

  • A scandal based on flimsy grounds

    Three business executives have been acquitted on February 9 in a major foreign corruption case involving SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., known otherwise as the Padma Bridge scam, after an Ontario judge threw out wiretap evidence key to the case, saying the wiretap applications were based on gossip and rumour.
  • A visionary leader

    The Legal Framework Order (LFO) was issued as President's Order No. 2 of 1970 by the President of Pakistan and Chief Martial Law Administrator General A.M. Yahya Khan on March 30, 1970.
  • Shedding our prejudices

    If you are in a drawing room and any other gathering of your friends or acquaintances, naturally the talk of the day would lurk around what is going on around the world.
  • Pakistan's Illogical Stance

    Pakistan's national Parliament once again sided with war criminals by passing a resolution that drew condemnation in Bangladesh.
  • F R Khan - A Bangalee legend from the golden chapter of our history

    In the limited scope of this piece, I intend to remember the role of a great Bangalee in our Liberation War of 1971 - the Bangalee who, through his contributions..