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  • New Year’s delicious delights

    And what better way to have fun at home during a time like this than to have Movie Nights! Just make a list of movies of your family’s choice, make your favourite snacks, drinks, cookies, chips and dip, and a big batch of popcorn and spend some quality time with your family.
  • One batter, many cakes

    When it comes to baking a plain cake or pound cake, we all have our own favourite go-to recipe. This one is mine, which I came across years ago. This is a fool-proof, time-saving recipe, and so basic that it can be used to make countless numbers of treats and desserts.
  • Fortune-The Daily Star Recipe Competition 2020: Crispy beef stir-fry

    Stir fry is a style of cooking that is quick, versatile and involves a lot of stirring, as the name suggests. It’s usually cooked on a medium-high to high heat, while constantly stirring on an open fry pan or wok, which gives the ingredients enough space to evenly cook and does not have the risk of over cooking or burning the food.