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  • Nafisa Faruque

  • A purr-fect evening at Capawcino Cat Cafe

    In a homey and almost secluded corner of Eastern Housing at Mirpur, you can spot one of the most unique cafes in town.
  • The age of ‘Pastryarchy’

    The local food scene has changed completely in the last one decade. Food, especially desserts, have been revamped. The 21st century mass is constantly roving on a quest to explore the array of new flavours and are tantalised by the possibilities of contemporary, complex, yet delectable cuisines.
  • Refugees across the World

    A home is one's sanctuary — somewhere where they can feel safe, loved, and secure. But when one is faced by the perils of invasion, imprisonment, rape, murder and/or mass persecution, there is no other way than escaping from the place they call home. And when they do so, they become what the world knows them as — refugees.
  • A walk down Jessore Road

    I still remember when I was a child; I would sit next to my father every Friday evening while he rested on the armchair and read something from our home's library, or told me stories about his childhood.
  • Once upon a time

    Over the decades, children's fairy tales and stories have evolved significantly. From Hans Christian Anderson's classics to the Grimm's