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    Journalist at The Daily Star

  • Low levels of testing are hampering our Covid response

    It has been more than a year since Covid-19 was first detected in Bangladesh. Much has been, and continues to be, said about the country’s handling of the pandemic.
  • Can quarantine be a solution in a country like Bangladesh?

    The words “quarantine” and “isolation” have now become synonymous with the coronavirus outbreak. Social media has exploded with status updates,
  • Coronavirus and the dark side of globalisation

    The coronavirus outbreak—which seems straight out of the sci-fi thriller Contagion—has led to over 7,989 deaths and 198,736 cases worldwide. As we try to make sense out of truths that seem stranger than fiction, the WHO-declared pandemic has laid bare the fact that in an era where globalisation reigns supreme, infectious diseases no longer simply pose the risk of transnational movement of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Why focusing on ‘rural development’ is a must

    Post-WWII, Bangladesh, along with countries which had been freed from the shackles of colonisation and had gained their independence, embarked upon the journey of “development”.
  • A recipe for a public health disaster

    Going by numerous recent news reports, we have good reason to be worried about the state of food safety in the country.