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  • Why Bangladesh overtook Pakistan

    Why Bangladesh overtook Pakistan

    Bangladesh is not some Scandinavian heaven. It is poor and overpopulated, undereducated and corrupt, frequented by natural catastrophes, experiences occasional terrorism, and the farcical nature of its democracy was exposed in the December 2018 elections.
  • Tamimi, Malala and Rahaf—icons of freedom

    New forms of resistance to old systems of oppression; three girl-children of near impossible courage have captured the world's imagination. Ahed Tamimi, Malala Yousafzai and Rahaf Mohammed are iconic symbols from the West Bank to London and from Toronto to Tokyo.
  • The hanging of Mir Quasem Ali

    Pakistan's Foreign Office says Pakistan is “deeply saddened” by the execution in Bangladesh of Mir Quasem Ali. Mir Quasem was found