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    Bidya Sinha Mim had to postpone her shoot due to COVID-19 restrictions. She was supposed to be shooting the film Ittefaq, but with rising COVID-19
  • Popcorn Highlights

    Halston is a drama TV miniseries released on May 14, 2021, on Netflix. The show is created by Sharr White and based on the book, Simply Halston by Steve Gains.

    Rafi Hossain: Today, we have the mother-daughter duo Sharmila Banerjee and Sudeshna Swayamprabha. We have been in a place where we do not know what the future holds for any forms of art. What do you both think the future holds for dance?
  • Shuvoo’s new film

    Arifin Shuvoo recently signed the contract for the Raihan Rafi film Noor. The film will be produced by Shapla Media. Shuvoo said regarding the film, “I
  • Shakib khan on tv

    Since movies in theatres cannot be released due to the pandemic, Shakib Khan will not be able to release new movies in theatres during Eid.