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  • Sadi Mohammad Shahnewaz

    A musician and Sub-Editor of Arts & Entertainment.

  • World Music Day Special: Local musicians aim for global market

    In the upper echelons of art, music is perhaps the only entity that unites and divides at the same time, based on language and nationality. While phenomenon like South Korea’s mercurial K-Pop scene has attained global popularity by sticking to their own language, there is no denying that English’s accessibility in the current world makes it easier for an international audience to relate to an artiste.
  • Stop Cyberbullying Day 2021: Our celebrities deserve better

    The recent incident regarding Pori Moni is a perfect example of how eager many netizens are to blame and jump to conclusions, with the 29-year old film star saying she was subjected to harassment, attempted rape and murder.
  • A “Beshi Joss” guitar experience

    Nafeez Al Amin, besides being arguably the most energetic drummer in the music industry, had become a fully-fledged craftsman with Beshi Joss Customs a few years ago. What it originally started as a passion project for the Arbovirus drummer, is now a workshop of dreams for all sorts of musical instruments, especially custom-made guitars.
  • From billboards to Cannes: Afia Tabassum Borno shares her journey

    Chances are, you are already familiar with Afia Tabassum Borno, owing to the numerous television commercials and billboard ads that she has starred in. The English department student from ULAB has now etched her name in history, having starred in an important role in Abdullah Mohammad Saad directorial “Rehana Maryam Noor”. The film is the first Bangladeshi project to be officially selected in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
  • Messianic Era’s 10-year journey to culminate in debut album

    Progressive band Messianic Era have seen their share of vicissitudes throughout the years. The talented underground band, inspired by the likes of Dream Theatre, Opeth and Porcupine Tree, will release their self-titled debut album on June 18.