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  • Saleemul Huq

    The writer is Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development at the Independent University, Bangladesh. Email:

  • Covid-19 and climate change: World leaders must tackle both

    In past weeks, there have been a number of significant events which may seem unconnected but are actually deeply connected in terms of whether the world is able to successfully come out of the current Covid-19 pandemic and also deal with the looming catastrophe of climate change.
  • Can the G7 leaders rise to the occasion?

    The leaders of the G7 countries—consisting of the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France and Germany—will be holding their annual meeting in the UK in the second week of June and have a number of major issues on their agenda, including how to roll out global vaccination against the coronavirus and how to tackle climate change.
  • Tackling three global emergencies at once

    The world is having to tackle three major emergencies at the same time. The first is obviously the Covid-19 pandemic that is still raging around the world, the second is climate change, which is also getting much worse every year, and finally, there is biodiversity loss, which will mean the loss of up to a million species if we cannot stem the tide.
  • Now is the time to focus on loss and damage from climate change

    The year 2020 will be remembered as not just the year of the pandemic, but also for the experienced human-induced climate change impacts,
  • Beyond resilience, we need to prosper in the face of climate change

    Last week, I wrote in this daily about the need for Bangladesh to take a “whole of society” approach to international diplomacy on tackling climate change globally, rather than depending on the annual Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which meets only once a year for two weeks.