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  • Sania Aiman

  • Stress of the Zoom times

    One of the programmes that suddenly came to light in the new normal is Zoom. Although just one of such platforms like Teams, Hangout,
  • The good, the bad, the ugly of distance learning

    One of the key changes wrought into the fabric of our lives after the coronavirus outbreak has been regarding education and the prevailing systems of education.
  • Beni Boonon: Braiding jute and magic

    Beni, or braids, invoke in my mind lustrous locks of hair, strands intertwined, to make intricate artistic patterns. The same idea translates to beautifully textured rugs, at Beni Boonon – worked on by 300 women artisans in a cottage industry in Savar.
  • Help the helpers: support the extended hand

    In these days of the pandemic, as we practice social isolation as a family, I have been the one designated with any tasks that required venturing out of the house.
  • Looking for the silver lining

    The effects of any crisis are manifold, and we will all have to face together the collective trauma that Covid-19 has inflicted. But from within the effects of these troubling times, we look for silver linings — the unexpected positive effects.