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  • Sekander Zulker Nayeen

  • Institutional barriers in accessing civil justice system

    Goal 16 of the SDGs pledges ‘ensuring access to justice for all’ as a target to be achieved. The term ‘all’ signifies everyone irrespective of their race, sex, color, language, religion, wealth, etc. In this article, I will not take a holistic approach to access to justice, but attempt to explore the likely institutional barriers that cause obstacles for the poverty ridden people in starting judicial proceedings before any civil court.
  • Promoting FDI and SDGs through judicial development

    Sustainable development and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are somehow strongly connected which is widely recognised by a large number of policy instruments.
  • The role of civil justice in achieving SDGs

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into force by a historic UN Summit with a view to mobilising efforts to end all forms of poverty, inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.
  • Three dimensions of access to justice for achieving SDGs

    Goal sixteen of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pledges 'ensuring access to justice for all' as a target to be achieved.
  • In favour of the principle of finality

    Lord Wilberforce commented, “any determination of disputable fact may, the law recognises, be imperfect: the law aims at