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  • Selim Jahan

    Selim Jahan is Director of the Human Development Report Office and lead author of the Human Development Report.

  • Langa: What South Africa is this?

    "Where am I?” is the first question I asked myself after getting out of the car. Bewildered, I looked around. With me, there were three black students from the University of the Western Cape, and the driver of the car was also a young black man.
  • On identity and extremism

    A person may have multiple identities—he or she may be known by different traits. Just look at me. I am a person with more than one identity.
  • Technological revolution and the jobs of tomorrow

    Today's technological revolution has given rise to a digital economy, which includes the Internet (fixed and mobile broadband), cloud computing, smartphones, smart cities, the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning,
  • Violence against women: A zero-tolerance issue

    The lack of women's empowerment is a critical form of inequality. And while there are many barriers to empowerment, violence against women and girls (VAW) is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality.
  • Future Of Work - Yet An Evolving Territory

    What will be the nature of work in the future? This million-dollar question is being discussed in cafes, schools and workplaces around the world right now.