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  • US asked not to give aid to Pakistan

    Any American economic aid to Pakistan “will leave cash in their hands to pay their French arms bill and to step up arms purchases in the open market”, Rehman Sobhan charged today, adding that the US should give no aid, except for relief to be dispensed by international agencies.
  • Weekly Jai Bangla launched

    India and Pakistan agreed to accept Swiss help to repatriate their respective mission staff from Dhaka and Calcutta. This was the first time the two governments accepted a mediation offer by a third country for resolving the deadlock.
  • Nazrul pledges socialism

    Syed Nazrul Islam, acting president of the provisional government of Bangladesh, today assured the countrymen that the promises and pledges given by the Awami League would be fulfilled and the country would be taken towards the path of socialism.
  • Pakistan’s sinking economy

    The Pakistan government was reported ready to carry out recommendations of the United States, the World Bank, the international Monetary Fund and other international donors for a 100 percent devaluation of its currency, from 4.6 rupees to the dollar to more nearly 9, 10 or 11.
  • Witness to the killing of Italian priest

    Pakistan Martial Law authorities ordered the domolition of the Shaheed Minar in Dhaka, reported Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).