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    Shamsuddoza Sajen is a journalist and researcher. He can be contacted at

  • Spike in guerilla attacks

    Mukti Fouj guerillas made a series of attacks on Pakistani positions in Cumilla sector in the last few days, killing at least 28 Pakistani soldiers, according to Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. Twenty soldiers were killed when guerillas ambushed a Pakistani army column near Fakirhat on June 10, 1971.
  • Tikka Khan offers general amnesty

    The Pakistani Government offered today a general amnesty extending to military deserters and politicians and asked refugees to return home.
  • Operation Hotel InterContinental

    Commandos of the Crack Platoon today launched an attack at InterContinental Dhaka. The commandos, armed with grenades, bayonets, and submachine guns, stopped in a car in front of the hotel. Five grenades were thrown in the attack which took place between 7:45pm and 8:00pm.
  • UK refuses aid to Pakistan

    The reported statement of Pakistan President Yahya Khan that he would take “genuine refugees” back into Pakistan met with sharp reaction from the Bangladesh government today.
  • 2 largest currency denominations withdrawn

    The Pakistani government removed from circulation today part of the nation’s currency in an effort to check the economic effects of looting from banks in East Pakistan.