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  • When rape is encouraged by moral policing

    On January 5, 2020, a second-year student of Dhaka University was raped in Kurmitola after she mistakenly got off at the wrong bus stop at around 7pm on her way to a friend’s house.
  • Where water lilies will always bloom

    The sky was unusually blue for an early morning in late November, the day Aly Zaker passed away. Everything else that happened after feels like a sort of blur, except I distinctly remember thinking that he would have appreciated the beauty of that cold, clear morning in Dhaka.
  • The last days of a martyred intellectual

    We were on strike today to protest the attack on India. None of us went to the university. I sat at home and prepared examination questions. I didn’t go anywhere else today. By evening, I had finished the question paper for the Honours students.
  • Recovering addicts are not criminals

    The CCTV footage showing the killing of senior ASP Anisul Karim at Mind Aid Psychiatry and De-Addiction Hospital on November 9 has created a renewed focus on the mostly unlicensed and unregulated private clinics that have cropped up across the city in recent years to cater to a “market” of patients who are easy to take advantage of because of the social stigma surrounding their ailment—drug addiction and related psychological or mental health issues.
  • Independent Bangladesh was built on values of inclusion and tolerance

    I always believed I lived in a tolerant society. What else could one think, growing up in independent Bangladesh?