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  • Syed Ashfaqul Haque

  • No hope for the new poor

    Money is not a problem, and the government too intends to support the poor in their dire need. What’s the problem then? The government does not know who to help out!
  • Opinion: Govt shoots a messenger

    She wasn’t handcuffed. Yet, she was indeed guarded by hordes of police personnel all the time: from custody to court. Following an overnight stay in custody, she was taken to court with a “guard of dishonour” and then hauled on to a prison van to jail on Tuesday.
  • Eid is here, joy is not

    Eid is in a day or two, no? You have to ask just to be sure.
  • Opinion: Hiss or boom?

    Steam goes off, lid in the handle slides down to be in airtight mode, and pressure starts to mount again within the sealed pot before the next hiss.
  • Fix the error, not the mirror

    Just imagine a day without a mirror. You’re getting ready for work, not knowing how you look. Your car, without rear-view mirrors, is on the busy road to office, negotiating the peak hour traffic.