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  • Ziaus Shams Chowdhury

  • Will Modi switch to a more inclusive brand of politics?

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi enormously dominated the 2019 Lok Sabha electoral battlefield. His landslide victory
  • The rise of hate

    An evil that is meta-stasising in a lethal fashion across the face of our planet is the culture of hate. If the spectre of global warming threatens humankind’s physical existence, the rise of hate has become a scourge to the very soul of humanity.
  • Iran doesn’t seem to be bending to Trump’s threats

    Since Donald Trump took charge of the White House, it did not take long for him to demonstrate that he will implement his many quixotic, disruptive and reckless ideas on a range of foreign policy and global issues.
  • Deteriorating civility in the Indian elections

    Indians can feel proud that they have been able to nurture democracy since the inception of their independence. Today after the nation has practiced democracy practically unbroken for seven decades,
  • Trump’s open warfare on congressional oversight

    An explosive atmosphere is brewing in the US after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on whether President Trump had benefited from Russian help in winning the 2016 election and whether he was guilty of obstructing justice.