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  • Expectations of a post-pandemic patch up

    “Ma’am, could you possibly tell me when would the university go back to its usual routine?”
  • A different kind of new year

    Two months earlier, workers on the third floor of New Market in Dhaka were busy dyeing/preparing sarees, mostly white and red, to be delivered to boutique shops ahead of the New Year.
  • Corona-shaming exposes the fault lines of our society

    In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlett Letter, we read about how adulterers had to wear the sign “A” across their chest. We even have examples in local literature and popular culture like the one of Hurmati , from Shahidullah Kaiser Sangshaptak, or that of Rakhee Gulzar’s character in the 1998 hit Indian film Soldier.
  • ‘Tora Amar Ma, Tora Birangana’

    I first met Shila Debi at the Jahangirnagar University. She came to attend a photography exhibition on the War of Liberation, arranged by Bangladesh Chhatra Union.
  • Central admission tests: Turning the wheels too hastily?

    The idea of the proposed central admission tests in public universities has been promoted as a fairer, inexpensive alternative to the existing system of university entry.